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Author Topic: C+S Tori from Adultwork  (Read 4089 times)

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Offline Highlander

I discovered a bit of gem in the rough today with Tori.  I was hungover after the previous night which always makes me horny as hell and brings out my dom side.  I found her profile on AW and she seemed perfect, wide range of services and clearly sub tendencies.  Not sure why there is an alert on her profile as she is certainly the real deal.

Phoned the number on the profile and made a booking for 30 mins in 1 hours time from the phonecall.  Nice and simple.  It was a guy who answers the phone but I was expecting that as it was stated on the profile.  On meeting her she was friendly and pleasant but I initiated the action straight away so not really any time for chit chat.  I did find out that she is from down south and travels up here to work the weekends though.

A budget hotel chain in Washington. Room was fine and it was easy getting to it once I knew the number. Straight in the doors and up the stairs without so much as a glance at reception. easy.

prettier than pics suggest.  I went there with the idea that I was definitely not going to do OWO but that went out the window when I saw her.  I was expecting a little bit rough and chavvy but she wasn't at all.  She has a pale complexion with cute freckles and is really petite which I find sexy.  She had a nice tight little body and reminded me of a younger version of Keeva.   

Well now, from her profile I knew that she was game for pretty much anything and that turned out to be the case.  I bent her over the bed and stripped her, squeezing her nipples hard and talking dirty to her. I fingered her making her taste her soaking wet pussy on my fingers. I pinned her arms behind her back and ate out her pussy and ass and slapped her bum making it a nice red which looked great in contrast with her pale skin.

I told her to get on her knees and face fucked her nice and hard, she was making some great noises gagging and choking on my dick and I was a bit concerned that the maid who was in the corridor would hear.  I slapped her face with my dick and hands and got her face really messy with all her stringy spit and her running eye makeup.  More oral with her on her back with head upside down over the side of the bed whilst I fucked her throat as if it was her pussy. This felt amazing and I couldn't hold on and shot a big load all over her upside down face. 

She sucked me clean and I got hard straight away.  Some doggy followed and she seemed to really enjoy me holding her arms behind her back as well as pulling her hair and telling her what a good little slut she was.  I stopped and fingered her bum which seemed incredibly tight even with one finger and she said she didn't think she could take my dick in there but was willing to try.  After she could take 3 fingers I put it in and fucked her ass really hard to finish.

Really good filthy fast paced 30 min meet. Tori seemed to really enjoy the treatment I gave her overall, I think she particularly liked the oral domination stuff which was the highlight for me as well.  I got the feeling she didn't enjoy the anal quite as much as the other stuff but seemed to get into it after a few minutes and initial discomfort wore off.  Highly recommended.

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline maxxblue

Whereabouts in Durham did you see her, Highlander?

Offline themademan2

Whereabouts in Durham did you see her, Highlander?

Probably the Campanile Washington services. £80 steep for 30 min though
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Offline Highlander

Whereabouts in Durham did you see her, Highlander?

As stated in venue section of review, it was in Washington, she has updated her profile and seems to have moved to Durham.

It seems a little steep with the hour for £120 better value. I think she has priced that way to encourage longer bookings as she prefers them. I was happy to pay the extra as she is unique in terms of services offered. She obviously doesn't mind it a bit rough but would be great for GFE as well. I forgot to mention she is a good kisser with no aversion to tongue.

Offline jonalpha

She's had some nicer new photos put up this morning. I'm very interested by this one and the new Cotton & Silk agency as they are stating they will only be representing UK girls and all three girls look interesting so far.

Offline Highlander

Anyone else with experience of a working girl in the northeast who is fit and doesn't mind it a little rough?, post here or send me a PM. That will be my next punt of which i'll write a review.  cheers  :hi:

Offline jonalpha

On the basis of this review I've booked myself in to see Tori later this week. I have to say I'm expecting great things. ;)

Im also booked for later in the week. Slghtly baulked at £120.00 the week before payday but she looks and sounds amazing Two more new pics today as well. Very appealing nipples I must say.

Offline Highlander

Agree, new pics look better and do her justice unlike the old ones. 

Plastic, not sure I can think of a better way to blow £120 in an hour.

JonAlpha, If she is consistent and you get the same response as I did, you will walk (stagger) away a very happy man.

Offline denyason

personally i don't find her attractive imho but some will beg to differ.  Sounds stupid but she looks like a cockney bird to me.  well i hope i'm right cos it'll sound really stupid if i aint lol. 

Offline tori1993

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Offline DaveMugabe

I disagree  I think Tori is very attractive but a little too expensive I am afraid

Not my type either kind of like a grown up spuggy  :hi:


Is the girl still working out of Washington hotel, if so can someone send me the telephone number please

Offline dino1990


Is the girl still working out of Washington hotel, if so can someone send me the telephone number please

now in a hotel in newcastle city centre, if she was in washington I would of seen her by now :(

Offline AnthG

now in a hotel in newcastle city centre, if she was in washington I would of seen her by now :(
Unless I misheard her I believe she told me she wasn't a fan of the Washington hotel, so its Newcastle or nothing now.

Offline mcb

Unless I misheard her I believe she told me she wasn't a fan of the Washington hotel, so its Newcastle or nothing now.
Girl has taste.

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