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My word, there's plenty of Chanel, and every bit of her is in the right place. If you prefer your girls to be at the petite, more elfin end of the spectrum, she may not be for you. She's tall, for a start - a good 5'10" with her shoes off - and sumptuously proportioned, with lovely, long, shapely legs, a perfectly contoured arse, trim waist and handful sized, nicely rounded, soft, natural tits. There's a good stomach on her, too, by which I mean it's soft, fleshy and womanly, without being remotely fat or flabby. Apart from one small tattoo her skin is without blemish. All in all, she has a lovely, highly desirable body.

Whether it's her in those profile pics I'm not so sure, but it could be, which is the main thing, because she has a very, very attractive face. We all have differing tastes, and it's all in the eye of the beholder I know, but I can't imagine anybody finding her unattractive. Her profile says she's 27, and I'd say that's bang on.

She's a really nice girl, too; intelligent and well spoken, with a bright, playful personality, she was enthusiastic and eager to please from the start. She told me she loved the job, and I believed her. She does two days a week, and finds it a relaxing - and significantly better paid - contrast to the stresses of her 'proper' job, and given the nature of that, I'm not surprised.

After warming up with a nice kiss and cuddle we moved things along with an extended session of RO, from front and rear. She doesn't do anal, but she wasn't averse to my tongue exploring the Chanel tunnel, as it were. Next she got me rubbered up (at my request, she does do OWO)  for the blowjob, which she performed with gusto, including some nice eye contact. After some leisurely 69 we kicked off the main event with a session of full throttle, 'heels-to-heaven' missionary, for which we changed ends, to face the mirror. She responded with plenty of grunting and groaning, which I always like to hear when I'm giving it my all, along with some good eye contact and facial expressions. I love it when they bite their lower lip like that.

I reached the point where I was completely exhausted, and suggested a spell of cowgirl, which usually gets my breath back for a final rattle doggy-style, but not this time. She went straight into reverse and threw herself into it, and what with grappling with that lovely arse at the same time, and the splendid view in the mirror, I was on the cusp in no time. I was shattered by now so asked her to finish me off by hand, which she did with some aplomb, and she made a nice job of cleaning me up afterwards, too, which I always like.

So there we are. Chanel is a gorgeous girl with a lovely personality and a first rate attitude. No wonder I left with a spring in my step, because punting doesn't come much better than this.

By the way;

I don't know about the other one, but they've given the bigger room a bit of a makeover. There's a bigger bed, which considering how small the room is, still leaves enough room to manoeuvre by the side, and the back wall is now fully mirrored, more or less. It's only window dressing without the right girl, of course, but it's certainly an improvement.

For half an hours gfe, it's £80, including the £10 door fee.

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Chanel Tunnel  :D it's a Classique!

After reading this and the other review posted recently might have to try and get myself to this place soon to see her. Like a tall woman every now and again especially who gives a great service

Did you go for the VIP package at £80 for the hh ?

Did you go for the VIP package at £80 for the hh ?

I suppose so, Bobby, although I didn't know that's what it's called. It includes all the usual gfe stuff, and it's simpler to ask if there's anything they don't do, rather than what they do.

If you want just the basics - covered oral and sex - then it's £50, rather than £70, on top of the door fee. Bear in mind, though, that the girls want you to buy the full package, and if you go for the basics, they'll make damned sure that the basics is all you'll get.

Tried prebooking in with the vip room with chanel for this week but told she wouldnt be working it that day. What service do you get in the shop as they called it and will i end up paying more for owo etc?