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Offline bobcat


Couldn't get hold of my first couple of choices, so phoned up Ariel based just off Finchley High Rd. No reviews and has that warning thing but sounded nice and good comms (English on phone was so poor that I presumed it was the girl I'd meet, turned out not...)

Anyhow, flat is quiet and clean enough. She is the girl in pics, average looking but the photos don't capture her size, she is thunder thighed and holds a bulging stomach. She was giggly and friendly enough and as I was kind of desperate I went with it, confirmed OWO and FK then paid the 60 for the hour.

Came back and got naked. Went to kiss her and told no, she tried to put a condom on my limp dick which I stopped and asked for 'without' she said 'no'. (She doesn't really know any English than 'yes' 'no' 'good' 'nice' so was no way she took the booking.) I presumed at this stage I wouldn't get my money back so just went with it assuming it was better than walking.

OW does very little with me but I went with it and eventually got hard/ Had a good 10 mins of this as I tried to warm myself up. Pointed to my balls for sucking and she was horrified. Asked her to get on top, she put loads of cream and wipe on and got on, far too big for this to work with me so after about 30 secs got off and I went on top. The view is not particularly attractive and I was only semi-hard, she didn't fake anything but after about 3 mins she started slapping my ass and saying 'yes yes' so sadly I busted in her when was aiming for long and slow.

Didn't want any more covered BJ so quick massage which was the worst I've had. One handed and she played on her phone, ostensibly sorting music but pretty sure she was sorting other things. Just couldn't be bothered to make a fuss for reasons I'll come to. Flipped over and tried to get hard with her hand, tried a good 5 minutes but the mood had gone. I left after 30 mins....

I'm partially writing this so I don't come back here. This has been my second bout of punting (first was in 2007 where saw about 4 real elite girls) and it's been disappointing. Seen about 12-15 girls in last 3 months, only Sophie in Tottenham Hale would I genuinely want to see again. The rest have varied between good fakers and not even pretending to enjoy it and I'm just finding it all a real turn off. Got into it this time after a relationship ended and thought would be fun to play the field but my focus is on improving myself mentally and physically (got a couple of stone to lose) and then looking for genuine relationships. Am not judging anyone on here (how could I?) but unless you're unhappily married, punting with WG's will always be inferior to sex with someone you remotely care about.

So best of luck guys, make sure you avoid Ariel, and I repeat, am not judging but I've realised the business isn't for me.

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