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Author Topic: Best Girl for a first Outcall to mine?  (Read 1577 times)

Hi Guys, a definite newbie here so hope i'm not posting something that's been covered recently. 

I do have a couple of incall punts under my belt at the end of last year, and although the experiences were mixed, probably due to nerves, Im toying with the idea of an outcall to mine to get some confidence with the scene.  The main thought behind an outcall is being somewhere i feel comfortable, so should take away some of the stress / nerves. My question is, can anyone recommend a girl who is happy to do an outcall with reasonable rates, not hyper inflated ones! It's also a bit of a worry inviting someone into my home, but i guess that will be less of a worry if the recommendations are strong enough!!

Any advice / recommendations welcomed, and it's also nice to be here too!!

Offline denyason

use Valentines for outcalls......they're very professional and you pay for what you get.  They are slightly more expensive but you will get a better class of girls who offer impeccable service guaranteed.  Most comfortable option in my case.....girls always arrive dressed classily not in prossie gear- which did happen to me ages ago and she walked past my house.....it wasn't valentines btw.  Its totally safe with Valentines as they are very professional, no taxi will wait outside of your house etc........  u could even tell them to drop her off in adjacent street or something.


WHS. My first ever outcall was from Valentines and it went as smooth as.

I still remember the lady in question, she was a student nurse so probably could've shagged her for free if I went to the stage door!

Great girl and really professional setup

I'd suggest valentines too.  In my opinion one of the most professional agencies in the North East.  worth the bit extra £££'s

Offline denyason

the owner is very nice too.  do feel free to ask his or our advice if you're concerned with anything from an outcall.  they're very thorough and can aim to please any request.  would love to see the first review of valentines on here.  just wish it was me but its a shame i can't do outcalls.
you shouldn't worry about inviting a girl to your house.....i bet she would be more worried than u tbh.
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Offline denyason

its called giving out good advice which is reciprocated by two other fellow posters.  i wish i was a pimp tbh.....lots of moolah and free pussy.

Offline DaveMugabe

its called giving out good advice which is reciprocated by two other fellow posters.  i wish i was a pimp tbh.....lots of moolah and free pussy.
Errr I was referring to the OP, not you - one post and no further comment - is he/she really interested in your advice??? Stop being so paranoid.

And if you want to be a low life pimp, just go ahead.

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