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Author Topic: Parlours or saunas in SW  (Read 645 times)

Offline big-al93

Hoping you guys can steer me right here, don't punt very often and none of the girls I've seen still have profiles so no point reviewing them (but if anybody ever sees blackbaby making a comeback let me know please). Anyway I will be working down near Bristol for a while and although there's a few A/W girls I would like to see I'm not sure how much time I'll have to arrange things so wondered if there are any saunas or parlours in Bristol or Weston that are worth visiting where the girls give reliably good service? And if possible any tips as to how they work, ( the saunas in Edinburgh you pay an entrance fee on the door then pay for the service in the room).



Offline big-al93

Thanks for that, looks informative. Will find time tomorrow for a closer look.

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