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Author Topic: Olivia NaughtyNorthernEscorts  (Read 1718 times)

Has anybody on here seen Olivia from NNe. I fancy a punt with her next week.The only thing putting me off is there are no pictures of her on the site. She does have some good reviews on their website, but they could be made up. Sorry I haven`t posted a link to her- that`s beyond my computer skills !!.

Offline DaveMugabe

have a search on the reviews on this site :dash:

have a search on the reviews on this site :dash:

To be fair though Dave she doesn't have any reviews, in fact I don't recall her ever being mentioned on here. I'm sure someone somewhere has booked her though so I don't see why the OP requesting info on her is "bang head on wall" worthy.

I tried to book her a couple of weeks back but she wasn't available at the time I wanted so I saw Maria instead. On paper she sounds just my type - brunette milf with curvy body and massive natural boobs.

Offline tinytim

Not seen Olivia, though Amy is a Younger MILF and brunette. Defo worth a punt!

I see Olivia has photos up now.

Offline DaveMugabe

Apologies, my mistake - the thread I recall was about Olivia from amour.

Pictures look good - anyone seen?
The NNE Olivia that is.

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