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Author Topic: katya massage Aberdeen  (Read 783 times)

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hi, first review so i hope i get this right
met this girl in aberdeen 5 days ago. Saw this girls advert on escort scotland and thought she was worth a go. Nice on the phone, gave an address just off the city center and easy  to get too and nice flat. Upon arrival was taken into bedroom where i could get a better look at her and she was definitely the girl in the photos, which always helps !
Paid for one hour £150 after telling me what she does in the massage, nice i thought.
But as per usual it went down hill as soon as the money changed hands.
Told to strip off and lie down on bed and she be back in 2 minutes, well i must have waited 8-10 min before she came back in, she took her clothes off and i turned my head to get a look at her in the buff and she had one hot body, tall ,slim and nice boobs.
She sat on the edge of the bed with her feet still on the floor and twisted round and proceeded to give me a half arsed massage with one hand. no oil.
After 20-30 minutes of this i asked if that's the best she could do, to which she said she was tired. Now at this point i wanted to get dressed and leave but id paid for one hour and being a true aberdonian once upon a time, i said lets stop the massage and i just stay for half an hour.
Now some of you out there might think it was the wrong thing to do but this was disasters punt   no 4, enough was enough !  :dash:
Once i put my clothes on i said i wanted £70 back and i wouldn't leave until i got it, to which she left the room and me thinking she was going to get my money. How wrong was i.
30 seconds later two very angry girls entered the room and started to give me verbal abuse,
which was quite funny !!  :D
Anyway i got my £70 and left with my tail between my legs.


Offline Reiver

Good on you getting a refund .

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