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Author Topic: This Thai looks good lads  (Read 1167 times)

Offline DaveMugabe

her tits look absolutely fantastic

Offline jarrovian

Sorry but another Thai with no feedback. Every report I read about these girls is negative eg they don't speak English, appointments are rushed and they don't deliver what's advertised, so until some decent feedback comes in I will be steering well clear and would advise you do the same

Offline chesterlad

I'm the same, photos always look good but I'm wary about Thai girls as i doubt the one in the photo is the one you'd see. Got a feeling they just get moved around the uk by whoever is pimping them.
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Offline ollie52

I have booked 4 'different' Thai Birds from Adultwork 3 have been the same girl (not one matched the profile pics) half the listed services wern't available and the ones that were available cost more coin.

I have thing for Thai birds so my pecker sometimes get's the better of common sense from experience I now establish what I want and decide if I want the girl before handing over any cash. I do this with the girl in person as when you book you don't always speak to the girl you're meeting. Once you handover the cash you tend to find the price for extras goes up.

In my experience, Thai WG's are fantastic.............................. When they are in Thailand.

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