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Author Topic: £250 an hour ????????  (Read 3411 times)


I don't think it would be a dusty phone.

Here is an example of a girl who I would book but only offers outcalls so cannot, and cannot afford a hotel ontop of the fee's


£200/hour for a size 20 figure 19 year old new girl with not one face pic in her gallery (or private galley) and 5 weeks of membership of AW she has got 9 positive reviews and her blog suggests her phone is ringing off the hook.

If you look properly she has NO reviews for escorting at all

Offline smiths

Seriously please tell me where.

The only amusing thing Brian/Interested ever posted was his recommendation of the Woodford-Grab-A-Granny club, apparently you are guaranteed a shag but its best if your not in any way picky or have any standards. ;)

Offline AnthG

If you look properly she has NO reviews for escorting at all
Yep you are right. Just saw they are cam sessions. AW should make things more clearer as I doubt the average guy is as eagle eyed as you (I totally missed it and thought it was escort reviews on my repeated views of her profile).

If she is not seeing people surely she would drop her prices. I have had her in my hot lists for a while hoping she drops to ~£100/hour but its not happened.

When you are an escort having money would surely be better than having pride.

If she dropped to £100 per hour and then offered paid for extra's she would likely have that student loan paid off in a month.

Online Jimmyredcab

Perhaps I'm just plain stupid but Why Oh Why would any man pay £ 200 to shag a fat bird...It just doesn't make any sense. Anyone can pick up a fat bird on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night for free (well nearly unless they want a Chinese followed by an Indian and then a kebab to finish off  :D) xx

You beat me to it.
£200 for a grossly overweight bird who refuses to show her face, not in a million light years.  :scare:

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