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Hey so here's my third one, this was just 30 mins with Abbi_Lucious who do tours here in Glasgow quite often at Glasgow Harbour Flats.

She's tall, slim, blonde attractive, quite friendly, she welcomed me in to her room, great view of clyde, 13th floor I think, nice double room. I asked her to dress professional, skirt, blouse, heels, which she complied with. Not a lot of talking, down straight to business, but felt a little like 'i'm one of many hurry the fuck up and get out'. I do like to have the personal touch which I didn't really get. As from the name, I like a good fluffing, not the sex kind, I just like to have my dick sucked really well. Again, didn't realise she wouldn't blow without protection, didn't read the fine print. I hate it, but here we go again, really struggled with it, had to masturbate and do it myself, she looked like she was getting cramp she was only at it 5 mins, but hey. Came on her chest.

Lefty disappointed again, but really that was down to me, she was a fit girl, talk and sexy. Maybe next time, i'll skip the fluffing and go straight for the prize!

https://www.adultwork.com/805014 or https://www.adultwork.com/Abbi%5FLucious

6 review(s) found for Abbi_Lucious linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Have seen Abbie a few times when she has visited glasgow, she has always gave me OWO, have always had a good time with her.  :thumbsup:

Offline RandyF

27????  :lol: :lol: They all lie about ages, but that's just coming the cunt!
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Offline JB1969

No doubt about it Abbi is gorgeous but did not appreciate the fact that her husband was in the room next door and just as you said gorgeous but at her prices you can see why she is rushing you out so that the next one can come in.
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yeah I had that feeling someone else was in the flat, it was weird, maybe I was just on edge lol

Offline JB1969

Nope he is definately there, she advertises it too.
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Offline jj-mac

Don't know if it's the same girl or not but there's a WG with the same user name on SAAFE just posted that she is pregnant and looking to get out of escorting. Sounds like it's her - partner does her security, driving etc

Offline JB1969

Banning reason: Accused and highly suspected of being "DeliciousMsDee" prossie posing as punter

Do you guys really her facially attractive? I might have a different taste for girls then...

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