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Author Topic: please vote  (Read 1495 times)

Offline muffdiver

Hi guys
I'm going for an afternoon punt in London (central) today  :drinks:
Please vote who i should see:


all recommended from your good selves!

Thanks :hi:

3 review(s) found for MissReeganRiely_xoxx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)
2 review(s) found for Sadie-Strumpet linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
6 review(s) found for -Bombshell- linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

I'd go with Sadie-Strumpet purely because I like the way she looks and think, based on looks alone, she'll be the filthiest girl in that bunch.  :P

Note. my recommendation is not based on any previous encounter with Sadie-Strumpet ;-)
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Based on profile I'd say Sadie as well.

Offline nigel4498

I'd go with Sadie too as the other two seem to be cam girls mostly, hence the high hourly rate.
Same disclaimer applies to me also.
Have a great time whoever you choose.

Offline wristjob

I don't know your tastes of course. All enhanced, first 2 don't do CIM. I find when they have more limited services the ones they don aren't as full blooded.

Mostly though I'd go check on reviews or ask on the London board.

No3 Bombshell

Although she is a little too 'Barbie' with enhanced airbags she at least doesn't have those fuckin Tats!!! One day in future years these lassies will look in the mirror and see washed out drawings on wrinkly saggy skin.

Offline potato

No 3 Bombshell is supposedly a "true courtesan" and doesn't see clients back to back - but has  "available today" greened up a la production line prossies..... :)

I saw No.3 (Bombshell) a couple of years ago - had a good time but haven't been back, her rates going up being the main reason.

Offline rolf32313

All three of these girls are the wrong price for what they seem to offer Vs local market so assuming none of them are "must meets" and they don't offer 'special services' you're after then I would let AW search engine throw up some more suggestions.

Offline J_H

Sadie for me!

Love brunettes!! I think 'strumpet' beats 'courtesan' any day, nice bawdy Georgain ring to it!!!

Out of those 3 I'd choose Delila because i think she has a beautiful face.

Its a very subjective thing as we dont know what services etc your looking for

Out of those 3 I'd choose Delila because i think she has a beautiful face.

I always think she looks a bit like a duck. But of course as I said above its all very subjective.

Offline wristjob

Offline herbie007

I would choose the first one Deliah

I like the looks of her in her movies, she looks filthy.

Offline wristjob

We need to know who won now.

Delilah has been working at HoD afaik, although now seems to have disappeared from the 'our escorts' page. Better value there for 130 as opposed to 200ph

Offline SirFrank

I'd go for the blonde skank with beachball tits and to make sure I got the most of those fucking rip off London prices I'd bang the shit out of her brown eye while pulling big clumps of hair extensions out by the handful. I'd then finish off by pumping her remaining hair full of my man seed. I'm so backed up at the moment it would set like no more nails in about 10 seconds! She'd probably have to spend my £200 getting her haircut in some fancy salon that charges rip off prices like this fucking bitch.

Anyhow let us know which one you gunned
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I always think she looks a bit like a duck.

Is she pulling that face or has the wind blown and it's stuck like that? Hope she's not had a Leslie Ash job

Offline The happy one

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Offline helmsdale

of the 3 Sadie has the most attractive profile by a distance

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Offline intpro

If I had the money would go for bombshell without a doubt.

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