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Author Topic: In defence of mechanical/detached WGs.  (Read 484 times)

Hello everyone,

No doubt about it I am new to this. I started seeing escorts in January of this year and it has blown my mind. Altogether six in total (although some were repeat punts) and so understandably my opinion may not carry much weight.
Also, I should say that despite the obvious preference for links I won't be showing the profiles of the two girls I will mainly be referring to. However, for the interest of readers I will recommend Stella https://www.adultwork.com/1257701 who was my version of the perfect escort.
So, I recently had a punt in Aberdeen which was fantastic. It was my third time with her, I never ask for anything more than oral and sex and there is always a wee chat in between and throughout. And
from the first moment I particularly liked this woman and those 'wee chats' were part of the experience. Except that after some thought it is quite clear to me that despite coming across successfully as an angel this person is telling a lot of lies (yes I know big shock, what a surprise, that is part of the job, I also tell lies). Also, it is quite undestandable given the need to retain a sense of
identity outwith the job.
Yet, when I look back, I appreciate the punts that avoided the emotional investment for example with girl number two. This was someone who was polite and cordial but who never spoke unless prompted, who never pretended to be having an orgasim but who made enough noise to show she was having sex. Who did not pretend to look passionately into my eyes but who made it clear she wanted respect and enjoyed me commenting on how beautiful she was. I got what I wanted with both but with the second there was not the clutter of emotional bullshit (i.e. pretending to be something).
Don't get me wrong, I was initally convinced by the special girl but in the long run would
prefer a straightforward provider.

Offline Lurtz

It sounds like you have the correct approach to punting. Many punters make the mistake of thinking that a punt is the start of a love affair. Happy punting and welcome to the board Continental.  :)

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