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Author Topic: kellina (outcall)  (Read 1537 times)

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Kellina is a part time/occasional outcall escort who is generally only available daytimes. Read no further if that doesn't suit.

Setting up the meet was rather disorganised, despite starting 2 weeks ago. She somehow deleted my booking and thought that I had cancelled. Upshot was we did meet 24 hrs after it should have been.

Looks just like the photos. She said she had put on weight, but TBH I would not have noticed. She is still slim/curvy and her boobs seemed bigger than in the photos.

We had an ice-breaking glass of wine and cigarette (all those smoking WGs love me!) and then retired to the bedroom. What followed I would describe as sexy GFE with lots of DFK, OWO, and RO. The kissing got sexier as she became aroused, and she does get very, very wet. First was her on top, and I introduced her to some slight position changes and resting for a moment every so often. Pleased to say I got her to come. Rested a while then entered her missionary and pounded away happily with her legs wrapped round my back, all the time kissing passionately until I came.

All in all a very satisfying punt, and at £90 for the hour bloody good value for money.

2 review(s) found for kellina linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Glad you had a good punt with her. She sounds very nice. Is she English?

Offline fingal91

Did she give a number? I remember messaging her a while ago and never hearing back. Seemed unorganized.
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Did get a number but only after we had agreed the meet. Yes she is rather disorganised.


looks hot but sadly as you say unorganized and lets you down.
responded to my RB, booked and then no show. called her and was told not sure about 3-4 hour booking!
glad you had fun with her as she does look very nice

Offline Luke

She looks similar to this Wg reviewed here,
Are they the same?

Offline fingal91

I'd confirm that she's a time waster. Said okay to a booking well in advance, then confirmed the night before, then said no with a text a few hours before. Avoid.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (fingal91, APC, love1)

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