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Author Topic: teenagekandice - Falkirk  (Read 2265 times)

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Offline HappyCappy

So I'm having a shite day so I went for a lunchtime punt with teenagekandice.

Communication was problematic but I got there in the end.

She's not the best with directions but if you've got a Satnav you'll be fine.

Flat was fine from the outside but she was in the middle of renovations internally. I noticed she clearly has kids but they were obviously at school and a wee rabbit hutch inside. Big screen TV was on playing R&B music while we got to business which suited me.

I came in and I was surprised at how well she was turned out. Nice dress, nails done, hair done, make up looking good. Really nice tits and a very pretty face with brilliant white teeth but I was there for a 15 min CIM and go so she didn't get undressed. I just didn't have time for a full punt.

She's an expect at working the cock though. I was very impressed. I'm not an easy man to please but she had be blowing my load within five minutes. She started going again after swallowing the lot and asked if I could manage a second time. I'm a one and done kinda guy so she cleaned me up and I pulled my pants up and left.

Would I punt again? Aye, think I might make her a regular stress buster. Might make a point of doing a full punt with her too as she was pretty hot actually.

https://www.adultwork.com/2412799 or https://www.adultwork.com/teenagekandice

With her comms problems don't bother texting. Communicate with her over AW messaging system.
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Rubbish pictures...hidden feedback ....... Not a good sign?

Offline HappyCappy

Pictures are shite but she's pretty hot when you meet her.

She's shite at comms so you're best confirming it all via AW. She was using some free online SMS system rather than texting back. Thing was I wasn't getting the messages. I explained this to her so she's going to sort something out.

A good punt though and for £30 not too pricey for a lunch time BJ.
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Hi HappyCappy. She gives nothing away about her stats. Can you let us have a rough estimate of her height and build? She looks a bit chubby in the pics. What tit size and are they real or enhanced? Thanks

Offline HappyCappy

Definitely not chubby mate.

I actually went overt again today for another go, it's been a shite week.  :dance:

She's very slight but has nice tits and ass. Size 8 I suppose but I don't really know much about sizes. She's about 5'5'' I'd guess. She was in heels but I'm guessing barefoot she'd be about that. I'd say D cup tits but I never saw her undressed and we all know of the wonders of push up bras.

Lots of fake tan and heavily but well make up. She was wearing skin tight trosers which looked amazing as she walked up the stairs in front of me.

She's got a "no one under 30" clause on her profile and some young lads were leaving her shitty feedback after her turning them away because of their age. Seems to be a single Mum and doesn't want to get found out.

Banning reason: Previously banned (Heyhoeletsgo) + Trolling on UKE (DavieBhoy)

Great thanks. I'll give her a try.

Her profile is still there but her pics are now gone?

Did she say anything or did you ask why she has hidden her feedback?

Offline bbb

Offline sparrow

 Oh, ok, I was clicking on the second bit, which doesn't work. She's now Sexy Slim Teen. I certainly need some decent pics at the very least before considering a visit. Like the review though, so I'm going to keep an eye on her profile.

Offline Ali Katt

I've yet to meet a 26 year old teenager - another lying bitch.

Notice her profile says Glasgow

Is she close to Falkirk

Any others who say Glasgow or Edinburgh but might be more central and closer to me :-)

Offline jj-mac

Profile name now "FAKEY" ??????

Been told she worked from carronshore area

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