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Author Topic: Ebony Naomi - Cardiff  (Read 1676 times)

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Offline johor299


I've never been with a black girl before and after a recent period of only seeing Asian girls, I decided to have a change. I noticed this girl was on tour in Cardiff for 2 days and made a booking, or at least tried to.

- Texted around 10pm the night before, no reply
- Texted 9am next morning, no reply
- Texted again 11am, she replied asking me to call her
- Immediately tried to phone, 4 missed calls, she texted back 30 mins later saying she was free after 1pm, asking me to call again
- I got through on the phone, booked for 4pm
- I texted at 1pm asking if we could meet later as I might have to stay in the office a bit longer than I planned, no reply
- She texted back an hour later saying she was fully booked after me, we'd have to meet 4pm as per the original plan
- At 4pm I phoned from outside the hotel, she then texted the room number
- I went to that room, knocked on the door, then a door opened opposite and she asked me to come in quickly before the guests opposite opened
- "I didn't want to give you my real room number in case you didn't come, you seemed like a bit of a timewaster"

Yeah, so the booking wasn't that easy and I wasn't impressed when I arrived and knocked on the wrong door. But I went ahead and stayed, hoping for the best.

Her profile offers rimming and I was determined to get as much out of her as I could, as payback for the "seemed like a timewaster" comment when I arrived :D So after a quick shower, I lay face down on her bed and demanded she lick my ass. And boy did she go for it, she was going deep inside with her tongue for a good 15 mins. I then turned over and had OWO for a few minutes, then we attempted sex.

Now, she's a size 14 and the profile photos are pretty accurate, and it was kinda hard to penetrate her fully with her big thighs stopping me from getting too close. So after a few mins of disappointing sex in 3 positions, I had OWO for another few mins, then I remained lying on my back and demanded she lick my ass again whilst I wanked myself off (had to put a pillow under my lower back to raise my hips a bit). And just before cumming, I pushed my d*ck forward and shot my load over her head, getting some on her forehead whilst her tongue was still in my ass. She wasn't best pleased, but hey. Can't always control yourself  :sarcastic:

I had another quick shower then left quite happy with the punt. Only £70 to get my ass licked for a good 30 mins, not a bad price at all.
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1 review(s) found for ebony.naomi linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SirFrank

Are you sure this review should be positive? She sounds flakey to me
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Offline johor299

Are you sure this review should be positive? She sounds flakey to me

Yep, she was a little flaky. But I had a good time with her and I'd probably go back in future, so positive from me.
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I note that this lady offers french kissing.

I sincerely hope that she washes her mouth between clients as I wouldn't want her tongue down my throat minutes after it's been exploring some guy's asshole!

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Thank you for your review,  however due to you leaving out some  important facts, some guys may get the wrong idea. I think I better explain otherwise its not fair on me. I told this young gentleman that I did a overnight booking the night before,  so when he tried contacting me, I was sleeping.  He contacted late that night when I was with my client.  when im with a client,  i never answer the phone, because its not professional. I left my client 7am and decided to get a few hours sleep in the morning,  so I could start my day at lunchtime. Unfortunately on this occasion was ringing when I was sleeping.   I did apologise and explain the overnight situation, and he told me it was fine and he understood. .....now he's saying im flakey also a few discrepancies in your description. .....I actually encouraged you  to cum where ever you liked, I did not mind in the slightest that you came on me, in fact we were laughing because it went in my ear. facials is pretty standard service for me because I offer pse and  gfe.

@naughty alun = fair comments ,regarding french kissing  and rimming. ...... however hygiene is extremely important to me and  I always brush my teeth and use mouthwash after every single client.  Also I shower before every client and make sure im as fresh as possible. X
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