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Author Topic: Kylie - GFE / Sheffield  (Read 1269 times)

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Offline wristjob

£65/30 mins

Kylie just started at GFE and well, looks pretty stunning from the pics actually and I know some of these girls have left almost before they started so I wanted to get in quick. I guess part of the worry was she looked super sexy in the pics, poss wasn't that great, most likely had a bit of an ugly face and give a crap BJ. I booked ahead but you know how it is when you have too many risky punts and for an hour or so beforehand there was this nagging voice in my head saying it would end in tears.

Anyway I'm watching the TV waiting for Kylie to become ready from her previous booking and this blonde girl appears and asks me if I'm ready. I really couldn't find words to describe Kylie, she's amazing. You know those girls at F1 races who mill around doing nothing much and stand on the steps when the winner goes up to pick up the trophy - that's what she looks like. Off the scale hot. Taller than I expected - or looks it probably because she's so slim. Absolutely no tits, what can you do, and waiste length hair. The walk up the stairs was way better than usual for GFE.

We get to the room, I jump in the shower briefly. She strips off and gets on the bed. After the shower we settle in to a bit of kissing while she plays with my cock. She was quite enthusiastic with the kissing but it was just lips, no tongues. She then flips round and starts suckin my cock while I stroke her legs, body - she has a perfect body.

OWO - O wow! She did it different to most girls and it was possibly the best BJ I've ever had. She was soft and gentle starting licking the end gently, moving down the shaft but basically shew had a 6000 RMP black and decker tongue flicking back and forth all the time, it was unbelievable. She also getly brushed her hand (I assume) against my balls - absolutely amazing. She doesn't do CIM which is a huge shame. I probably had around 15 minutes of OWO and she seemed more than happy doing it but eventually it was time to switch around and I went for it. I often try and hold back, make it last a fair while but I just wanted to unload inside her and wow did I have a gorgeous view while I did. She had her heels on all the time but they were round my ears - nice.

I got showered and she had a wipe and got her pants/bra back on. To be fair a shower would be awkward with that hair but it needs to happen IMO.

I tried a bit of chat during the punt and when I was showering but honestly for all her good points she really has no personality. She didn't seem disinterested or anything, just didn't really seem able to hold a conversation at all.

- Absolutely stunning facially, body - just off the scale.
- Brilliant BJ - really good.

- No personality whatsoever.
- Kissing but lips only.
- No shower.

Kylie also works as Honey @ Victoria House in Lutterworth

Now I'm going to make a bit of a point here. Part of why I go to GFE is the belief there's some kind of quality control. I think the QC that GFE have isn't thiers, it's that they share some girls with Sandy's. All the Sandy's girls I've tried jump in the shower afterwards and kiss like they mean it - both good points. GFE seem to not really take an interest with other girls and I think they need to up their game a little. The shower thing matters to me and I'm sure others. I read elsewhere they are chasing one girl up over not really kissing in GFE - why not make that clear at the start with the girls. A bit of training.  I also read an old review of Kirsty saying she didn't kiss, yet she was fine with me - I guess she got it explained too. Basically they need to be a little proactive educating their staff in what is expected from the start.

Offline Ali Katt

Thanks for another detailed review wristjob. Description wise she sounds up my street. And whilst I agree GFE need to up their game, so far no one has provided an alternative in terms of parlours; it's like comparing Arsenal to AFC Telford United.

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