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Author Topic: Hello and I'll start with a rant  (Read 1046 times)

Offline HappyCappy

Hello all!

So I've been punting for years. A Scotsman that has moved around the UK and has recently returned!  :yahoo:

What is happening to the scene in Scotland? The take over of the Romanian whore who offer the world on their profile and then don't want to do ANYTHING once you're with them is driving me mad! Don't get me wrong, the scene was taking a crappy turn when I left but that was when the whores were asking insane prices and the competition was poor. Things have changed now with rock bottom prices offering everything but actually doing next to nothing!

It's at the point now where there is almost no point in punting. I just arrange a meet, drive to the location, come in the room and then confirm if they are going to do anything we agreed on the phone before I hand the money over. That way when they start coming up with bullshit or flat out saying no I leave but it takes up time and effort and is draining the fun out of punting.

I'm not one of those racist folk. I've pumped some decent Eastern European lassies but the quality of those I've been seeing in the local scene has been pretty poor. I suppose they are mostly trafficked but it makes you wonder how they make money!  :dash:

Where are all the decent student whores? I thought Edinburgh would be full of it! I saw a cracking lassie one Christmas a year or two back called Isla but she seems to be gone now. Such a shame as she was great fun.

I've read through the reviews and that but do we have any top student punts in Edinburgh / Glasgow?

Thanking you in advance
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Offline embrame

Can you blame them for acting like they do with people using words like whores etc

Best picking ones with reviews of sorts and ones who look stunning and promise the works take with a pinch of salt, just like most things in life.

Ive been punting since 1990 in Edinburgh and never seen a huge student service, one or two max or ones saying students and theyre clearly not - try daily sport if its still in existance.

Offline HappyCappy

@Embrame - Christ sakes mate... Whore, hooker, prossie, escort, lady of the night, high class courtesan... dress it up as you will it's still the same thing; lassies selling  thir bodies as a sexual service to paying clients.

I am very surprised there isn't much of a student thing. Oh well, that's a shame. I do like the young students. Usually not jaded yet and fairly straight forward.
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There are some decent Romanians in edinburgh, but for every decent one there are 10 crap ones who lie back holding the base of your cock while you're pumping them to keep the condom on - like I have any interest in taking it off.

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