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The gods of punting can be as cruel as the Greek deities, but they finally decided to smile down upon me from Mount Olympus on Thursday night (well if Marmalade can parade his sociological theories, surely I can get away with a touch of the Classics?!).

After a bit of miscommunication, the meet took place. Kimmy apologised for not getting back to me at first as she had been busy (at £65 per h/h I wasn’t surprised), and after that things went swimmingly. Given address (west end, few minutes drive) and told to text when there. Definitely the girl in picture. Flat probably used only for punting, but it was fit for purpose, and discreet enough.

Kimmy met me downstairs and the walk upstairs was just the start of the fun. Wearing a very short skirt, sexy black tights and fuck me shoes, she wiggled and wriggled her way slowly upwards as she led me to the flat. Great start to the meet. Eye of the beholder caveat applies as ever – I much prefer the girl-next-door type to the siliconed hyped-up porn star look with fake everything. Though I tend to go for very slim pert brunettes, there was something about Kimmy that had appealed to me. Size 10, curvy, busty, longish dark blonde hair. 
No complaints - she does what she says she does  (she advertises BB, but there was no mention of it, and I wouldn’t have wanted it).

What you get is what you see; what you don’t see: clean, enthusiastic, sexy accent, lovely to talk to, pleasant, provocative, and professional manner. Very relaxed meet all round and I left with that glow which only comes from a good, satisfying punt (see ‘After-punt buzz’ on the UK section). Will almost certainly return, and that’s unusual for me. Punting as it should be, really.

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