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Author Topic: tastylittleminx  (Read 798 times)

Offline wolverine


Met this wee cracker about 3yrs ago in clyde bank. Just wondered if anyone has any info if she still works as profile is not active on AW anymore?

Offline wilderbeast

I visited her in a flat in Merchant City around February 2013.  She told me at that time she was planning to retire and her profile was removed a few weeks afterwards.

I guess she has gone for good?
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Offline wolverine

Ah ok....thanks for letting me know...real shame though.

I have seen her as well, up in the merchant city, I always loved when she squirted right into my face  :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:

She has now retired, I talk to her on a few occasions, and since retiring she has lost her looks, but still nice to talk to her

Offline wolverine

Just wondered if anyone has her contact details?

Just wondered if anyone has her contact details?

I have her number some where, will try and  dig it out, might be an old tel no, but here a photo of her to look at

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