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Author Topic: Busty-Brooke23 - Middlesbrough  (Read 3192 times)

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Offline John280


The booking was in a nice flat 5 minutes from Middlesbrough town center. Brooke has her own buzzer and there are only 4 flats on that stairwell so it's pretty private. It also has plenty of private parking which is all marked resident permit holders only but she says anyone can use this after 6pm.

I went for an hour booking which cost £100.00. I haven't punted in what feels like forever and went in planning to absolutely fuck the shit out of this lass. I don't mind big girls when they've got a good pair and her tits are fantastic. Brooke is about a size 12-14 and has a bit of a beer gut but for me her tits more than make up for this. Facially I'd says she's about a 7.

We started off with a bit of massage which lasted for about 5 minutes. This was more rubbing moisturiser on my back and spreading it round than anything else. We talked for a bit while she did this and she seems to be alright crack. This was where the problems started. We moved on to oral which ended up being her wanking me pretty roughly whilst she stopped and wiped off any pre-cum every 20 seconds with a tissue. She explained how she doesn't do deep throat as she had a customer once who made her gag and threw up all over him. She explained that all of the pre-cum would make her baulk and asked if I was okay with wearing a condom for oral. With the alternative being covered in puke I didn't mind covered oral. The oral itself pretty much consisted of another 5 minutes of wanking me off quite roughly with at most a minute with my cock in her mouth.

We moved on to missionary which was alright. Her tits are fantastic and the sight of those bouncing away while I pounded away was class. We moved on to doggy which was good and I eventually shot my load. The sex itself was good but some of the hard wanking she gave me before had left me slightly off kilter and it took a while for me to come. For a second I thought I wasn't going to be able. Hadn't had a drop to drink and can honestly says that the first time I've ever fucked a lass and almost couldn't shoot. Whilst I sat on the bed recovering she started dropping hints for me to go. She got dressed again, asked me what my plans were for that night. I honestly didn't fancy staying so left after what was at most 25 minutes. £100.00 for 25 minutes where I was glad to be out of there at the end.

I don't want to make this completely negative. The sight of her tits bouncing away while I tried my best to absolutely fuck the shit out of her was amazing. She was a pretty decent shag and I just wished I'd paid £30 for 15 minutes, skipped the harsh wank she gave me and went straight into the action. I'd probably have left happy.

Anyway, I'm genuinely starting to re-consider booking last minute when the urge takes me as my last 2 punts haven't lived up to expectations.

6 review(s) found for Its_brookexxx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative)

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Offline Toshiba

The mere fact she presumed the punt was over and got dressed is a pisstake

Hate the fuckers who just want you in and out


Offline ollie52

I had something similar couldn't do OWO  as she had an ulcer think I got 15 mins of a half hour sesh - shame really as there isn't much in boro and she is attractive enough and has decent patter could clean up if her services were better.
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i saw her in darlington when she was called something else.was really looking forward to it as it took me a while to find the time when we were both free and she is quite an attractive girl.went in for oral and left feeling dissapointed as the oral wasnt much cop and it was more hard hand action than mouth.wished id just knocked one out and saved my cash!

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Busty Brook

One of the worst visits I've ever made in Middlesbrough  ,, although her photos are impressive ,, face blanked out ,, fair enough ,,   

Service is very poor quality ,,, not even half hearted very slow ,,almost like I can not be bothered to put any effort in , no conversation and handles the old lad like it is radio active or something even worse ????? 

My honest opinion is busty brooke is not intrested in the line or work she has chosen and has more rules than every one I have seen put together ,,,  wow you can not touch boobs bum legs

Have to mark busty brooke down as one of the worst punts ever ,, shame as she's a very attractive girl amazing body. 

Advise to others ,,  choose some one else who's intrested in putting a little effort into the appointment

tried to book her tonight said fully booked.. bullshit !

glad i never after reading her reviews

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