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Author Topic: Hotamber19 Forrest gate/Stratford  (Read 3078 times)

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I have walked through the area loads of times without incident, though never very late except a few times when punting.
JRC pointed out on another thread Newham is 16.5% white British according to the last census but they must rarely venture out of doors as you will hardly ever see a white face in the area and those you do see are invariably EE.

There aren't many areas in London I wouldn't venture to during the daytime - some of the council estates where you get gangs of youts hanging out are best avoided, but otherwise most of it is pretty safe.  Nighttime can be a bit sketchy in some places, but even then it's not exactly Mexico.

Offline Kingb3000

Woke up bright & early this morning and I knew I needed an afternoon punt to get me going. After scrolling through countless AW profiles I decided on hotamber19 and made the call. I asked for 45 minutes originally but she said she only did 30 minutes or 1 hour so I decided on 30 minutes with a possibility of extending if need be which she was fine with. Communications were good and after making excuses to the other half I set off.

Her flat is quite confusing to find, the postcode she gave me sent me to a block of flats behind a Iceland but when she text me the number it didn't match up to the flats I was standing infront of. I phoned her and she directed me to her place which is located right next to a Asian shop (lovely) I opened the first door and immediantely heard men talking & I shit myself. Debating whether to go I soon realised it was coming from the shop next door. I composed myself once again even though I was still a tad nervous and knocked at her door.

Amber is exactly like her pictures and when she opened her door she was wearing a black underwear set & this see through top along with suspenders. She's stunning, a real eye catcher and my cock was tingling before I walked through the door. I had a quick shower & went back into her room where I sorted out the money (£60 for 30mins).

We started off kissing and I really couldn't help but feel her ass which is amazing to touch. She then reached down my boxers and started wanking my already erect cock. We lied down on the bed and on went the condom, even though owo was confirmed over the phone and in the house. I didn't bother moaning as I knew there was a geezer next door and I didn't want to get into any confrontations. The blowjob was actually really good considering & I could hardly notice that there was a rubber on so they might be those extra thin ones or just her teqnique I'm not sure. I took her bra off as she was sucking me off and this girl has gorgeous tits. Very small and pert. She then got on top and road me like no tomorrow while I held that ass and switched between sucking those tits and kissing her. I really went to town on her for 10 minutes and her moans seemed genuine. We then slowed it down and she took control by bouncing up and down on my cock and rotating her ass up and down it was fucking amazing. I picked up the pace again and held her down on my chest while she had her arms around me and I pounded her till I cum.

Like her pics if not better.
Amazing arse (seriously the best arse I have seen)
Amazing small boobs
Petite & slim
A few tattoos (love a girl with tats)
Good English.

No owo (I did have a bit of hair down there but nothing major maybe this was the case)
No DFK (might be being a bit harsh here as it was borderline)
I felt on edge my whole time in the flat. The area is notorious for violence and even though I think I can handle myself I still had my wits about me. I wouldn't go there at night.
Next to no eye contact. ( she seemed like she enjoyed it but then again she might of just been a good a good actress)

After the punt we had a little bit of a chat an I actually felt sorry for the girl, she looked liked she was about to burst out into tears as she was telling me she dreamt of being a graphic designer and went university etc for it & ended up doing this for money. I felt like she didn't like what she was doing at all which is why I more than likely wouldn't return. It seemed like she wanted to carry on talking to me but there was a knock at the door which was time up so I said goodbye and left.

I then went back to stratford grabbed a chargrilled chicken roll thing from Greg's and went home.


Shame profile has gone but maybe not is too close for home for me.   Know Newham + that location well and although at night it will be a little rough looking its much better than some areas of London I could mention.

Edit - although I know the location well enough I have never visited that establishment.
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