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Author Topic: Alien?  (Read 2503 times)

Offline pleasure

It's really only the tits that put me off tbh. Can't stand fake ones, and those beach balls are the epitome of fake.

Other than that, it's hard to tell what she really looks like with all the photoshopping, but I don't see anything else about her that would stop me. :D

Offline rolf32313

When it comes to looking like a normal woman, I've seen more realistic blow up dolls!
This is the problem with plastics, those dr. only stop when your credit stops...

Offline BOBDAF

Indeed. :hi:

I looked at your Avatar and Robster199's and at what you each had said and I burst out laughing. We are a very diverse bunch with only an interest in punting in common. Shows how impossible it would be for media to stereotype us as 'typical buyer of sexual services' just as they would never dream, of course, of stereotyping the ladies....

Offline Straife

I'd fuck the shit out of her :hi:

Offline SirFrank

I'm sure this freak used to advertise escorting for £1000 an hour. Her and that fucking chav Mafia
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