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Author Topic: Emily Jaye  (Read 1559 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2343677 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+emily+jaye+xx

Bit of confusion on the initial booking as I asked a few days in advance, and got confirmation on, then had to rebook the day before. Also had an odd "can I come to you" request on the day which I then offered but it was a bit far for her so back to the original plan of hotel. I guess I was the only booking at that stage but then she got more on the day.

She's very pretty I thought. Fit body too. As has been said before a real TOWIE accent and look. Nice to talk to and friendly.

I asked her about the PSE on her profile and she said "on the floor then" which was interesting! But I'm no youngster so opted for the bed instead!

Kissing was poor I thought. Worst I've ever had. Maybe she didn't fancy me (and I don't blame her) but it was pointless. OWO was decent though, I think she likes the control aspect of it and likes to make things wet. It's a fantastic site to have a very pretty girl making a decent job. Didn't like my hands wandering up her legs though.
Went for 69 and she positioned her clit right on my mouth allowing me to get stuck in which was great. This was fun so went for a moistened finger to her pussy and this was blocked. Lots of oohs and aahs pornstar'y but I'd realised this was what was defining the PSE and it wasn't for me at this stage.
After some shudders (Emily saying I'd made her cum - I didn't think so but up to the girl if she's had enough for a while, it was fun) and complimenting me on my technique, the suggestion of her on top was made so went with it. She is a decent rider and this was good but I got a bit of bruising on my ribs afterwards due to a bit more weight through her hands on my chest at one point instead of my cock but this was probably just bad luck.
Throughout the appointment I just stared at her as I found her very pretty to look at but it might have made her think I'm a bit odd! I did explain this and she accepted it as a compliment which it was so I was happy to have got it out there.
Went back to some OWO and got that lovely site again. Bit of a HJ for a couple of minutes so went in for some neck kissing but this was rebuffed. Then went for some doggy for 10 minutes. It was good but I kind of missed not being able to see her front on. She was a lovely fit for doggy but I thought of sensed she wasn't really into it.
I was being told at this time "Have you saved lots of cum for me" "You going to put it on my tongue" etc so went back to OWO and this was her directing me to cum. During the OWO I asked her to take my cum in her mouth which she said "Are you going to put your spunk in my mouth" and this gradually turned into a HJ but this became pretty furious and uncomfortable so I asked her to go on her knees which she did immediately.
This was pretty much the clincher for me, was she going to CIM? I guessed not but if she did it would be amazingly hot. She was raising herself up with my cock in an out of her mouth and I had to ask her to lower herself into position. As I came she shut her mouth and I came over her closed mouth and chin. I wasn't surprised though to be fair (at discretion).

So, very very pretty in my eyes, really nice conversation, some services really good. Of the discretion stuff I got the OWO but not French Kissing or CIM.
I'm thinking she didn't fancy me and it was last appointment of the day so others may be more successful with the service.

There are others to see, so I doubt I'd go back to her, as 160 quid can get me more of the services I'm after.
Next stop, Cindy Veron.  :D     

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Good review ..it's a shame that the odd little thing can instantly take the shine off a punt . The neutral status seems fair ..... especially as for the same price you can get a WG who does everything she puts on her 'likes' list and looks fabulous as well ..

Offline agent47

 Sorry to hear you didn't have such a great time, I saw Emily for the third time a few weeks ago in reading,so we had gotten to know each other by this point a we were relaxed not that should really matter. 
when she opened the door she practically pulled me into the room and we got straight to it, and had a wild 2hrs making all sorts racket. fortunately i was her first client of the day :yahoo:.

your probably right about you being the last client she may have just not been into it. I did have one minor point i went to give her a facial for the first time and she dodged most of it. But to be fair it was a whopper of a load and she did apologise  ''sorry i messed up the facial it court me by surprise''   :wacko: .  Your review seems fair. Thanks.

Offline Stiltskin

It would be interesting to know what the punter's ages were here. My punting contact, an older retired guy didn't rate her either, yet she gets plenty of good reviews. Maybe she only likes the younger clients.

Offline Shyboy

Sorry you had an average time with Emily.. I saw her and reviewed her earlier this year and had a great hour with her.. really was good.. I'm 52 (Look late thirties tho  :hi: ) so maybe it's just how she clicks with you.. I certainly had no problems at all and would heartily recomend her just for the long sloppy BJ and those boobs.. loved them..

I can only speak for me.. but thought she was excellent

Offline agent47

It would be interesting to know what the punter's ages were here. My punting contact, an older retired guy didn't rate her either, yet she gets plenty of good reviews. Maybe she only likes the younger clients.
I'M In my late 20's and she's always been enthusiastic and up for everything I've suggested, yeah maybe with her it's about age or looks . It seems she has built up a lot of regulars maybe that's what she prefers. :unknown:

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