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Author Topic: Colombian Gabriela  (Read 2136 times)

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Well, booked Gabriela for a 6.30pm incall yesterday - first punt in a while and had a great time.


She operates out of a flat in Alison Street, I used to live round that way and all the hype about it becoming a dangerous place to go I don't get. was worse when I lived there with mad young teams running about.

Anyway, went up to the top floor and she opened the door - what a relief - the girl from the photos, in a little pair of red knickers and bra and a big Colombian smile. We hit it off straight away. We went straight to the room, tidy, clean with candles and a well arranged bed with towels and pillows. We spoke in Spanish but she speaks good English I think, as I heard her talking on the phone to somebody as I was waiting for her to come in. She asked me if I wanted a threesome with her mate, a Dominican girl - I said no but asked if I could meet her for future punts so she brought her in. She was a bit too old looking for me so we just shook hands and she left.

Anyway - Gabriela - she is quite tall - I'd say about 5,8, nice big ass - natural good sized tits with nice pert nipples. Skin silky smooth. She wasn't as done up as she was in the photos as she had her hair up which was a pity, but a good looking girl nonetheless. i'd been working all day over in the west end so started with a nice oil massage which was nice and relaxing. Rolled over and she was quick to put on the condom, but told her I wanted a bit of foreplay first to which she just smiled and said yeah sure. I began kissing and caressing, sucking on the tits before getting her to stand up so I could check out her ass, to which obviously I buried my face in as usual lol. We then moved into 69 before I got her onto all fours ready to pound that big butt - I couldn't resist a wee rim on her ass when she was in that position - absolutely clean as a whistle it was, looked delicious. Hygiene was 100% with this girl. So pumped away furiously for what felt like an eternity in the face down ass up position until I was pissing sweat and needed to change, then had her roll over onto her back and put her legs on my shoulders and my fists on the mattress and pumped away like that for ages, couldn't come though, so after a while I lay back on the bed and she wanked me till I came - she then spent 5 minutes meticulously wiping me down which I thought was nice attention to detail.

I paid £120 for the hour. Money's worth I think and I left feeling very pleased with myself. A friendly girl and a good find in Glasgow.

Offline kink

Looks wise not great in her pics. Doesn't do owo?

Seems like mechanical service and not gfe.

Probably go for Linda as per TJ recommendation once she returns.

Offline seeker

Thanks for the review B.b.
Not my type but at least you left a review which is more than a lot of other members do  :thumbsup:


Must chime in, Bertybassett you have great taste.

Found this thread by searching latina in the search engine, otherwise would have no reason to look up or comment on a scottish based WG. As im all the way down in London.

Must say this lady has a sexy look particularly when done up in the full length picture. looks like shes not getting that much attention/appreciation in scotland judging by this post.  Wish she would tour London. Scotland has a lot of latina gems from what i can see.

I love her look/skin tone, not sure if shes a natural beauty but she scrubs up extremely well.
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I think I might've picked the only decent black/latin girl up here mate - I was lucky, been looking for another one for well over a month and just getting red flags, fake pics and ugly ones

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