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Author Topic: has anyone seen this girl  (Read 1262 times)

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Yep, I've seen her in wallsend before.. Decent looking and pleasant enough but very mechanical.. From what I remember she didn't do OWO either even though it's stated on her profile..

There's better girls out there

Offline Third Man

im sure its baby kyra . Saw her earlier this year, in wallsend. I would not recommend. Nice body but notging great facially, and not really into it. Looked like she would rather be else where. 

Offline themademan2

Mechanical, checking phone all the time and rushed me. Also a chav so I wouldn't recommend
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Offline big p ne

Thank you gentlemen i will stay away from her. i would just love a oriental WG how is GOOD any ideas  :timeout:

Offline denyason

yep i seen her too. check my review of her as baby kyra..........great figure, decent face and good sex albeit she makes no noise or emotion while having sex which is like fucking a corpse.  tries to add extras too.
she aint oriental.  She did owo and cim with me but i think it cost me £10 more.

Offline denyason


Dannie is princess kyra if you want a pic of her face. Though pressing her profile brings up someone else and i doubt this website actually works.......i'd suggest you discuss prices before you meet here to avoid being stung.

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