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Author Topic: Alexa - Finchley  (Read 1724 times)

14 review(s) for ALEXA SEXY GIRL (7 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Links: https://www.adultwork.com/2288830 or https://www.adultwork.com/ALEXA+SEXY+GIRL

Have previously commented on Alexa on another thread, so having seen her again recently, I thought I would add a full review.


Very Good. Hungarian girl with better than average English. To be honest, Alexa wasn’t my first choice, but unable to secure that, I knew she would be a good reliable plan B. My call was answered promptly and she confirmed the key services I was looking for – FK, OWO, RO & CIM. I suggested a time to which she said fine and she texted me her full address, not just the postcode. 


Block of flats 5 mins from Finchley Central so very easy to find. The floor on which she is located is none too great, but her room is perfectly adequate and the shower was good. Men’s shower gel and plenty of clean towels on hand too.   


Firstly, I was pleased to see that it was the girl I saw in Stratford sometime last year. Her pics are a good representation, although she has slimmed down a little and her hair is longer. She looked very sexy and enticing in high heels, knickers and bra and I couldn’t wait to explore further  :D.

Cost: £80 for 1 hour


I had hoped to kick things off as before with some sensual (D)FK, before moving to the bed once aroused, but Alexa was more keen for me to lay down and take the initiative. Although I was not entirely comfortable with this, she did hover rather sexily over me and worked her mouth down from my lips to my cock. Her OWO was good and I returned the favour which she seemed to enjoy, before fucking her in Mish, Cowgirl and Doggy. She took a good pounding, before I finally came about 35 mins in.

After 5-10 mins of chit chat, I knew I wasn’t going to come again rubbered up, so I asked Alexa if I could CIM. 5 minutes in, I thought I was going to cum, but didn’t. 10 minutes in, a 2nd wave, but again no. And despite an extremely pleasurable 3rd wave, where I was absolutely convinced I was riding a monumental cum wave, there was sadly no crescendo. I even tried wanking myself off in her mouth and she held her tongue and mouth eagerly open, but a mental block had kicked in by now. I couldn’t fault Alexa in this though, her technique was good and she tried manfully (obviously)  :lol:.

- Friendly, sexy, good looking girl, with gorgeous eyes, petite tits and a cracking body.
- Very Good OWO that would have normally had me cumming big time, but for the short interval between rounds.


-   No DFK on this occasion
-   Suggested at the outset of our time that CIM was £20 extra and “If she had to swallow £40”. Not sure if she meant swallow on request or accidentally ? It never came to pass in any event, but this is not stated on her profile, nor was it mentioned by her in our telephone call.
-   She was a bit fussy about me staying on the towel on the bed at all times, which was a bit off-putting.

Would I recommend ?

Yes, she’s a good value girl at £80 per hour, although not as good as Hot Karolina. Would recommend that you confirm and reconfirm services/price.

Would I see again ?

Yes, as a reliable Plan B if in the area.

14 review(s) found for ALEXA SEXY GIRL linked to in above post (7 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline webpunter

She's got that 'nawty' look about her.  Not obviously stunning.  But attractive.  And has a certain something about her which just says 'sexpot'.  The type of girl that when i was in my 20's then i would have to try & pull when out.  Thinking that she knows that she's not an absolute beauty.  But is confident about her looks.  Has a fit bod & more than makes up for it in general all-round dirtyness & effort.  Top review.  Onto HL & will monitor.  Coz could be a bargain at the prices.  Reckon she's also the type to get better on 2nd / subsequent visits
Think she could be a bit of a 'killer' babe !

Offline LL

Thanks mate, I also saw this girl when she was in Stratford and I had a good experience with her.  She's a good kisser and she works hard at keeping you satisfied.  She moved out to Hounslow for a while I think?  I've been waiting for her to return to civilisation again :) so thanks for the heads-up!

Offline SamLP

I've seen Alexa twice, both times were great punts. She's a really good kisser with soft lips and I had no problem doing DFK with her. The OWO isn't the best, she doesn't lick the shaft or balls but the eye contact is enough to make you enjoy it, but not good enough to make me CIM. She loves to get fucked, and suggested I don't start doggy so I could last longer which isn't a problem for me but I complied in round 1 started in mish, then switching to doggy. She often initiated round 2 which is rare with WG's. Overall a good punt. She did try a b&s on me once & I walked, vowing not to return, but one time I was horny and all my backups failed, so I decided I had nothing to lose. I did tell her though and she apologised.

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