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Author Topic: Is she genuine? Anyone?  (Read 1043 times)

Looks too good to be true. Bate and switch or am I being too cynical?


Offline virgil

Don't know but needs someone with form to tell you he had a good time.

No good relying on a one-time reviewer on AW.

Google image search doesn't find it to be a stolen pic.
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Offline JT100

Well Shrewsbury is my local punting area and I've never seen her in this area even though she's been on a/w since 2012. Even the review is 2yrs old.
Of course she may have just moved  here...

Offline sam55

She's been on AW on and off for a while.

Been tempted myself but, as you say, looks like a total B&S candidate.

OK, I'll volunteer to take one for the team, but I'm gonna e-mail her first and tell her that if that's not her in the photo, I'm walking. Unless someone else would like to go first!

Watch this space.

Offline WmGarf

The picture is a genuine picture of a girl who used to work in Birmingham about 5 or so years ago under the name Ella.  I saw her there and she was very good.

The picture is at least 5 years old though.

Yeah I thought I had seen that pic on a different profile some time ago. Hence my scepticism
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Offline Talbear

Looks phoney to me.... For the £120 you could get an established girl with good feedback

Offline tesla

the picture file name includes the name "christina"

looks very airbrushed

treat with caution i would say

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