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New profile:

Miss Lauren had been in my HL for a while and my attention was drawn to her when a fellow punter started a thread on the UKP NW board requesting information from anyone who’d seen her. I chipped in that I’d like some to and within a day or so, favourable responses suggested she was worth a visit. So, another look at her profile to reassure myself, and it so happened that on the day I looked she was offering an hour for £80 instead of the usual £100. Emm, I thought, that’s OK if you’re an on-the-day kind of guy, but for those who have limited opportunities and have to plan in advance, it wasn’t much use, particularly as my next ‘Window of Opportunity’ (WoO) was nearly two weeks away. Damn!!

I’m sorry Lauren, but I don’t give up quite that easily. Chancing my arm, I sent her an email, telling her my WoO wasn’t for a couple of weeks, but if I booked today, could I have the same deal, offering to throw in a detailed FR as well? I think this amused her as she quickly replied, asking if I was trying to bribe her. Would I do that? Er, hell yes I would. Anyway, she suggested we split the difference, which I couldn’t really argue with, so booking request in and she quickly confirmed it for me, also letting me have the postcode for journey planning – a real +ve for me as I hate having to wait for the address until the day you’re going. I’m one of those who likes to have everything planned (journey/timings/well rehearsed ‘get out of jail’ excuse) in my mind well in advance. So far, comms excellent, quick and clear – often a promising sign. We would, of course, find out in due course, but only after a two week wait. Still, something to look forward to. Hey-ho....

On the day, I had an appointment beforehand, which was of uncertain duration, which I’d already discussed with Lauren. It meant I might well be a little early and I‘d asked in the initial email exchange, and only if her diary allowed, whether it would be possible to start/finish early to keep any downtime to a minimum. She’d confirmed this would be fine as I would be her first client of the day. Great!

A couple of days before I’d AW messaged her with my requirements, but noticed that she hadn’t logged on for several days, which concerned me a bit so I sent a text the following day but no response. Emm, is this happening is what I thought. Later in the day she’d AW messaged me to say the requirements were fine. It turned out she’d had a particularly busy weekend (socially) which was why she hadn’t responded straight away. On the morning, I texted to confirm we were both OK for our meet and she texted back to say all was fine. The excitement started to build!

As it happened I was early, almost half an hour, so I rang her to see if she was ready or not. She’d just nipped out to buy some cat litter and would be a few minutes and to meet her outside when she got back. The moment of impact is usually a nervy time for me, but having spoken on the phone only a few minutes earlier, none of that this time. I’d parked a couple of doors away and sat back to wait for her. After a few minutes I could see in my wing mirror an attractive, casually dressed young lady with a heavy bag in her hand and even from 50 yards away, I recognised Lauren immediately. Pictures accurate I thought, so I got out of the car to greet her – I think she spotted me straight away. I don’t think I’ve been more relaxed greeting a girl and we both laughed and said our hello’s. And I have to say, this set the tone for the whole meet, we laughed quite a lot, in between ‘other’ things. First impressions? She has that real ‘girl-next-door’ look about her which does it for me when it comes to younger girls – very fuckable indeed!

We went round the back and she let us in to her flat. Now, there are 5 pussy’s that live with her, 4 of the feline variety that I was keen to meet and one which resides in her knickers, which I was even keener to meet! Underneath the casual gear, which Lauren quickly peeled off, she was wearing some rather nice undies that complimented her gorgeously slender figure. She nipped out of the room to put on the shoes I’d requested and asked me to get undressed. At this point I offered payment but she said ‘pay me later, I trust you....’

Those heels make her quite tall and really accentuate her already long legs. We kissed a little and then she ordered me on to the bed. We both knew what was going to happen next of course. I’d been asked by a couple of fellow punters to check one or two things out about her and the first was to see if her arse really is a nice as the pictures. We both giggled a bit as I told her to turn around and bend over – and yes, it really is as nice as the pics as my hands wandered across it. She jumped on to the bed with me and we kissed and cuddled before Lauren decided she’d seen enough of my boxers, so off they came... Moments later she’d taken my cock in hand as she gently licked and nibbled my shaft, before really getting stuck in. By now she’d taken my length into her mouth and proceeded to blow me, varying the pace as she did. I, on the other hand, was rubbing her pussy through her knickers. She stopped after a little while, stood up and was about to take her knickers off when I stopped her. ‘Turn around and bend over as you take them off, I need to check that arse out again’. Absolutely lovely sight as she gratuitously bent over and slowly pulled her knickers down, before stepping out of them.

She continued with the blowjob, kneeling over me at right angles and making her pussy accessible as I slipped my hand underneath her. Being a northern lad, I’ve always used my fingers to eat a kebab, before eventually stuffing my face into it and as Lauren’s an officianado in kebabland, I decided to adopt my usual approach. Fingers first, gently feeling her pussy and clit as she started to become wet – no need for any sauce here – and then working my fingers deeper into her tight pussy. Eventually we ended up in a 69 where I was able to really enjoy her juicy pussy, sticking my tongue in as far as I could. Delicious, and certainly one of the best kebabs I’ve eaten recently – my face was covered and Lauren wasn’t afraid to turn round and kiss me with her juices smeared over my face. Good girl!

Time to fuck had arrived and, after a momentary struggle trying to open condoms with slippery fingers, it was on with the PPE and straight into doggy. I couldn’t get comfy straight away so we changed to mish fairly quickly. Now I don’t particularly have a favourite position, but I can tell you, Lauren was designed to fuck in this position. I worked up a good rhythm and as I did so, Lauren was able to thrust back at me so that we were literally fucking each other. The look of determination on her face must have matched the one on mine as things got pretty vigorous. I had to slow the pace quite frequently to avoid popping too early, which frustrated her a bit, but I’ve learnt my lesson with that one. Eventually we needed to take a break to cool off and as I collapsed on to the bed, Lauren dashed off to get some drinks. As she came back in she laughed at me as I hadn’t moved at all.

After a little rest it was blowjob time again. Lauren set to work again and as I enjoyed her attentions, I said to her ‘Is there a better sight than a girl with my cock stuck in her mouth?’ Lauren leapt to her feet and produced a gem, as she replied, yes ‘a man carrying all my Selfridges bags’.  We both laughed, before she added ‘actually a man carrying a big bag of Haribo’. More laughs. I told her they were my favourites to at which point she accused me of leaving mine in the car and not sharing. Would I do that? Not only do we both like one particular type, but our absolute favourites are a particular supermarket own brand! Anyway, discussion over, she quickly resumed the blowjob, still laughing. And my hands went back to work on that pussy of hers before once more it was PPE time for another session, first cowgirl, then doggy which was much better second time and finally another vigorous and prolongued, ‘fuck-each-other’ mish session. I managed to maintain control even through this, though it was a close call at one stage.

My preference is to be finished off by hand/mouth combination so that cum flies in all directions and Lauren accepted the challenge with relish. Working slowly at first before I told her to ‘go for it’ at which point she quickened the pace whilst still sucking my cock. Within a minute or two I reached the point of no return and covered Lauren’s mouth and hands with a generous helping of cum. Rather cheekily, she quickly came towards me and kissed me with cum still on her lips. No problem for me as I’ve done it before and will, no doubt, do it again.

Job done, a quick tidy up and then we lay back on the bed and had quite a long chat about punting in Manchester, some of the WG’s I’ve seen and some that Lauren knows. Interesting, seeing things from the other side, so to speak. What makes a good punter was also another topic of conversation which made us laugh before we moved on to our holidays for the year.

Given that I’d only been with her an hour-ish or so, I felt very comfortable with Lauren and would happily see her again. She’s warm and friendly, chatty at times, but concentrates on the job in hand once the action starts. She’d agreed to anal before the meet, but I never got round to it and, to be honest, I have to be in the mood for it as well. Perhaps that’s a delight I might sample next time. Before I made my way out, she took the time to find two of her cats and introduce them to me.

A few minutes after leaving, and stuck in Manchester traffic, I suddenly remembered the money. Shit! Momentary panic set in before I remembered that even though she’d said ‘pay me later’, I’d slipped the envelope on to the table at the side of the bed, as she nipped out to get her shoes. Phew!

Only one concern now. I hope my punctuation is correct as I know a young lady who’ll be checking. Marks out of 10 Lauren?

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Nice review and I like her friendly profile, sets a good tone and looks like some thought has been put into it for a change.  :hi:


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Nice FR 3. I just love the shape of this girl, and I'm glad that you have confirmed my suspicions that "Lauren was designed to fuck in this (mish) position". Mind you, I shall have to sample her in doggy just to see my cock sliding between those milky cheeks. I should be all set to book her in a week or so.  :P

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.....offering to throw in a detailed FR as well? I think this amused her as she quickly replied, asking if I was trying to bribe her. Would I do that? Er, hell yes I would.

This would be threechillimans third review where he has announced to the Service Provider his impending arrival as a UKPunting Reviewer
The other two are
Dani Gold
To his credit he has in all three cases openly declared that in his review and to my suprise very openly in this case.

Regarding Miss Lauren I have recently added my own observations of her on another thread where Info on her was requested by the thread starter.
It may make interesting reading for anyone considering on booking her.
She is also reviewed seperately by another reviewer on here presumably without her knowing in advance that he was a UKPunting reviewer.
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This would be threechillimans third review where he has announced to the Service Provider his impending arrival as a UKPunting Reviewer