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Author Topic: Frankie of Diamonds  (Read 2301 times)

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Offline Metal Geek

Big Mike T is wrong-- never real face pics- they were always blurred out so unless he's seen in real life, he won't really know.

I'm going back at least 2 AW profiles now, when she first started out, and I think she might have been sharing a flat with Suzanna at the time - but I can assure you she did have 2 unblurred face pics in her PG. I never said she wasn't good looking though, and would love to make a booking but she only ever seems to be available after 3pm and I can normally only do mornings or lunchtimes.

Offline Metal Geek

I am now looking back through them to see which ones I recognise. The main one that stands out from my recent purchases is Keeva does not have a face pic, but she does in her PG.

MissSienna/JessicaMartinez also doesn't have a face pic, but she does on her PG.

I am also sure FuckableGirlie and Jessiblack (the duo girls) both didn't have face pics on each of their profiles but did in their PG.

Really don't understand why MissSienna bothers to hide her face either - she's open about her porn work as Jessica Martinez so anyone can find her pics and videos easily. But I agree Anth, I'm often frustrated when the PG doesn't have face pics, although I have to say I've had less success than you in finding them, my hit rate has to be less than 25%.

Offline denyason

would love to make a booking but she only ever seems to be available after 3pm and I can normally only do mornings or lunchtimes.
Never early as she works late and does family stuff in the morning like shopping, family, granddad etc....
as for james...he ain't the brightest is he? don't believe someone with zero punts.  She loses less by booking with her than with Diamonds as i believe they only charge rent of flat if you book her direct rather than with Diamonds.  So 1 hour is £100 to you either way albeit a more personal contact via her which i prefer.  i think i have designated myself as her spokesman lol.

AnthG- defo no anal, not even rimming her beautiful ass- that is a sacrifice i have to endure with her and i am willing to do so.  Her rate is £100 ph.  No money would make her change her mind- believe me she told me so- never ever will she do rimming or anal as she doesn't like it.  Being a bum man this really hurts but she is worth that much to me that it doesn't matter.
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Offline Bengeo13

Well that's interesting alfie2013
My booking with Morgan was the one before you at 12.00 for 30 minutes. Like you I was told she wasn't available so I asked about Sarah only about 5 minutes away. I was told that was ok but when I got there she was expecting someone else and I left empty-handed, or frustrated to say the least. I answered to Diamonds saying "not to worry - these things happen". I wasn't going to say anything more about it but I have to say I'm a bit pissed off now because my understanding nature didn't provide a £35 discount. At least you got to see someone! Plus I use Diamonds a lot! 

Offline alfie2013

Bengeo, I was pissed off too and told diamonds so as it is a half hour trip for me and twice in a row is too much. I used to use them quite a bit but stopped due to there falling reputation and all the EE girls. If they hadn't offered me a suitable replacement it may have been a while before I used there services again. I spoke to them after seeing Frankie and as it went so well have sorted our differences amicably and look forward to seeing a few other girls they recommended. It was a £15 discount so paid £35  :)
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Offline Bengeo13

Thanks Alfie, I might just remind them of the value of good customer service!

Offline alfie2013

Well if they want to improve there reputation gestures like I received can only help. Happy punting Bengeo  :rolleyes:

Offline denyason

How common are face pics in AW private galleries?
Most girls especially the younger ones won't have face pics especially if they're from the area.  The majority do escorting in secrecy from boyfriends, family, friends etc....... With social media and all and how pics online always stay online is also a factor especially when there career is over.  That is when they would want the past to stay in the past.
However girls who are touring or from abroad will most likely have face pics due to there anonymity. 

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