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Author Topic: Suggestions for Saturday  (Read 494 times)

Offline Skirt

But of a lurker, not much of a poster...

Have managed to work a little window free from the other half this weekend and looking at my options, the HL has grown extensively since joining the forum...so thanks!

I had hoped to see platinum Cindy, however I have been caught once before which resulted in AW account being closed. Now she won't see without 5 bookings I think :(.

Any suggestions for a similar sort of experience, preferably someone who's maybe a bit on the bossy side! Prepared to TOFT if profile is good enough! Anal would be a bonus but if not never mind, budget prob up to 150/hour.

Thanks in advance!

Offline DH

You haven't mentioned enough details to make a suggestion.
Better then making a suggestion have a look at the tons of reviews in here you got plenty to choose from, good luck.

Offline Tailpipe

There are many WGs in the London reviews that will be good punts
And tried and tested by many members. It your price range .

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