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Author Topic: Busty Thai naree  (Read 1007 times)

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Offline Froggah


To give a bit of context to tonight's punt- I initially booked an agency girl but after struggling to find address there was a radgey gadgey sitting outside the next door, smoking and swigging a can. Didn't fancy it so I txt to cancel and was told this was no problem.

Feeling horny and in the wallsend area at 11pm I took a chance on naree as I'm partial to a bit Asian, despite the guaranteed no OWO and the unfortunate trying to ram their finger up your arse! (In my experience) Not my thing. Only had the £50 on me so rang up and was told could have 20 mins for this so off I trott. Address usual fuck flat in wallsend for those of you in the know, ok place but nowt special.

Naree answered and was decent looking with good body. Upstairs and paperwork out the way, she went off and returned saying "ok 15 minutes"!........Bad start! I dispute this and she says you only pay £50! I mention the phone call but all of a sudden her English isn't great and she doesn't seem to understand! Twat!

So we carry on regardless. Good oily HJ and she gets her tits out saying "you look at these and cum quick".........hang on. Again I say I want to fuck her but she says ok only bj covered for £50. I try and negotiate this but no go.

So covered bj and hj which was decent but left me  :angry: that I'd wasted a punt on a spur of the moment thinking with my nob!

Good job I didn't argue with her too much though as when I came out of the room this scary dude was there sitting on the sofa!!,,,,


What a mad hobby we have, ending up in some fucking weird situations.

All in all a robbing bastard so stay well away, imagine she'd by pulling the same shit if you paid £70 for the half hour. They'll be fucking off soon anyway, good riddance.

Ah crap, sorry to hear that! Save your money next time eh?

Offline Toshiba

Offline Bengeo13

Hard lines pal.
AW is saturated with Thai girls who all look the part but far too often for one reason or another the words 'Thai' and 'negative' go together! Can anyone recommend a Thai lady who provides a genuine good service?
Perhaps their best environment is to provide massages with a HE (if you're lucky) and a hand up the skirt (their skirt that is!)

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