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Author Topic: Aimee in Bristol  (Read 1670 times)

Offline Hazzzy

Has anyone seen this gorgeous girl?  :coolgirl:


She bid on my RB for an outcall yesterday, but I'd already committed to someone else.

Have I missed out here?

Offline licky

Only one of her feedbacks is for escorting, the great majority is for camming and sales.

And no prices shown

Why am I suspicious?

But I am in LUST  :kissgirl:

Offline SirFrank

She's easy on the eye. All feedback is for direct cam. Escort feedback seems to be from a photographer. Looks like she's worth a pop
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Offline Hazzzy


I'm feeling that itch...

We swapped a few emails and she seems nice... But anyone can write a good email!


Sorry, but have any of you actually read her profile?  :dash: You've been sooo transfixed by her looks, the bullshit-itis has infected your brains.
Written in the 3rd person, 'art consultant', 'intellect', 'incredible understanding of others' .....WTF!!?? No prices either.....??
Whoever has written this absolute dribble has lost sight of the fact she is a hooker, plain and simple.  :unknown:

Offline TerryTibbs

Looks nice, but a confusing profile.

The photos look like ones from the old agency Premirepussycats?

The posted feedback is from 2012 but this AW profile was only started in 2013?

Andy there are no prices????


Terry  :timeout:

Yes she is a Premier Pussycat girl..................I tried contact about 4 years ago............same pics.............never got anywhere. Do they think we were born yesterday?

Sadly, a newbie will probably fall for it.

Offline TerryTibbs

Just got email reply.

Says she is available this week at £160 hour.

And she says she is real :-)

Terry  :timeout:

She put a bid on my RB as well, I checked out the profile and saw only 1 feedback and thought it was dodgy, but I am always very cautious.

A pass from me.

Offline ico23

I think she said on some profile I read a few years back that she's Australian ? Definitely pussycats and those pictures are older than the Ark. I'd ask for recent pics, Look what happens to Sonia on Eastenders, one minute a size 8 (yeah right Closer magazine) and the next, a great size 20 lump.

Offline ico23

There was also this thread  https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=19546.0  but it reads pretty much exactly the same as the one you're reading now !

Offline Hazzzy

Thanks guys for the feedback and info. I think I'll stick to Sophie!!  :thumbsup:

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