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Author Topic: Little Honey Jessica - on tour, Nottingham  (Read 1399 times)

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Offline Taggart


This was my third meeting with Jessica in an 18 month period, and my, what an absolute delight she is. I'd forgotten how cute she is.  While her small and perfectly formed frame may not be everyone's cup of tea, my preference is for size 6/8/10 ladies. And why not?

Jessica had booked in at a hotel short walk from the station, no access issues, straight into the lift to the floor and onto the room. Prior, comms had been prompt and efficient.

A light knock on the room door which opened, and behind which was Jess, looking stunning. Black silk kimono, under which was a bra and pants in a vibrant pink that complimented her lithe tanned body. Said she's on holiday soon too. Completing the wonderful vision was a pair of fishnet hold-ups. She looked and was a perfect 10.

It was hard to keep my hands off her, and paperwork completed, we began kissing, nice, gentle kissing with the hint tongues, sensuous, yet not tonsil-probing. Within minutes, Jess was naked apart from the hold ups which she kept on all session, and I liked that.

Jess may be young but she works hard at this business, and it shows. She's polite, well spoken with a very soft gentle voice, and I did say 'pardon' a few times. Bet she thought 'deaf old git'.

If you love having your cock sucked, then there is no finer person at fellatio than Jess. She loves it, and you can tell - doesnt use hands either, all mouth and lips. My cock was just devoured and what a treat it is. So as to stop coming early, I reciprocated, but she said she needed cock, and we were soon in a 69.  I should ass that she is fully shaven and was immaculately clean - clearly makes the effort to please in all ways.

After a while, I needed to penetrate her tight "just-out-of-teen pussy", and we banged away in mish. What I really like about Jess is that not only will she kiss during mish, she pulls you in tight with her legs and arms, almost like a crab holding its prey. I can genuinely say it really give one a 'wanted' feeling, and on climax, there's no pushing away.

With time for round two, Jess sucked me hard, and we chose doggy, with a CIM finale. She loves spunk, and maybe I should have given her the deposit from round one in her mouth. Next time, maybe.

Ladies have to have special qualities for me to see them on a second or more occasions, and Jess more than fits that criteria, and I hope she carries on for some years. I hate it when you find someone, and 6 months later they retire....

Without doubt, our best meeting yet.

PS: Normally Jess works in Peterborough, but does occasionally tour.

13 review(s) found for littlehoneyjessica linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline eyeseebee

Pleased you had another good time with Jess, Taggart. I was trying to get up to Nottingham to see her but couldn't in the end, I will be seeing her in Peterborough very soon though. You are right about her blowjob technique, out of this world.

Offline badsin

I saw Jessica around 12 months or so ago, I thought she was pretty good.
She was good fun, and provided the service(s) I required. However I found her physically to be a little lacking in what i would generally go for.
I would tend to go for lady with more curves -  boobs, ass etc. Although she is keen, sucks cock well and will try her best to get you off three times in the hour if you can manage it!

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