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Author Topic: London Street Sauna Review  (Read 2716 times)

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Offline Jerry1972

Another howling performance from Lucy at LSS. Perfect tanned body, amazing BJ performance and extras offered for my satisfaction and this beast seems to get younger, fitter and hotter as she matures. Better now than when she hawked her ass years ago. I could eat out her pussy juices all day taste better than any other cunt and I can get my tongue all the way down inside her cunt. She does all the things that I require to satisfy my enormous buldging knob which is never bigger or harder but with Lucy. Banging her on top I can feel my huge baw bag slapping hard against her as I fuck her till she dont even know where she is. Make this one orgasm like Olivia at BSS and would enjoy spurting into her hot pussy but she has a big no no on BB. Better would be Lucy and Olivia both BB spilling in both of them and having them suck me clean. Highly recommend as a true GFE and total slut experience. Easily rides to an effortless *****
Managed to see Marie at LSS as well. Rewrites the manual on how a WG should perform. Marie is everything you want very attractive, Greek, with that great smile and wild side of character. Top of the class performance with a still decent body after all those years in the business and she still loves getting my cum spurting all over her tits like blanmange when I leave her. Unique BJ technique unlike most girls at LSS. Like to bang this one everyway possible and she takes it as hard as I can give it and never complains. Satisfies all my desires but no anal BB or any BB at all which is what I want with her to finish deep in the tight Greek asshole of this beast would be heaven. Has quite a tight ass though its been well stretched over the years. She did her first anal at fifteen in Greece she says did it the same time as she had sex for first time well its called Greek aye?

Enjoy watching in the mirror as I force into her from behind then pin her facedown on the bed as I ram my enormous length and bulging veins into her with real force and use my legs to force her legs wider and apart on the bed until she tells me they wont spread more but I spread them more to own the bitch before banging her into oblivion. Marie another one that I always peak and when she orgasms her whole body clenches wildly. PGS. First banged her about 10 or 12 years ago and on and off since but not in few years and was happy to find her still spreadin that Greek ass and will be seeing her again soon.

If LSS lost the Romanians it would be best place I tell you. Marie gets banged over the finish line face down to the maximum possible *****

Lucy and Marie at LSS blow away other WGs in Edinburgh parlours except Heidi at BSS whos still top beast the one to beat.

Offline Marmalade

I kinda lost interest round about your bulging knob . . .

Well, yes, it's a bit colourful but presumably the boy's on a post-punt high and some of it's (hopefully) tongue in cheek hyperbole. Though his tongue seems to have spent so much time buried in various parts of Lucy's anatomy that I'm surprised he's able to put it in his cheek.

But..to business. At long last a proper post about Lucy!

I was beginning to think I was the only one who thinks she's a glorious fuck. (See previous posts). She's a tight toned super slim, long legged milf in an impossibly short dress, with a middle class, Tory voting East Coast exterior which gives way to dirty talking slut encouragement when you're banging her brains out at the end of the session.

The only cloud on the horizon is that she seems to be adamant that if and when the Edinburgh saunas are shut down she's going to retire. I've tried to get a number from her to guard against that eventuality but no chance. She seems to think being an indie is fraught with too many risks, as she seems to have a fully functioning life away from LSS.

I've suggested that being a key witness in a high profile trial, with real names etc, should things go really pear-shaped with the saunas, is a bit of a risk too but she seems to be in a wee bit of denial about that.

Anyway, all that'll be academic when I call in next week to get between her legs again.

Offline sammy222

Venturing back to LSS next week after a solid spell at BSS, never got Jerry's review of Paula but she's still right up there IMHO, albeit no longer a size 8. Place a bit tired just now though, and uniforms do girls no favours....but at least it's a full service

Is Andrea of old definitely back or is that just a rumour......?

Always backed off Lucy as place full of younger lookers, but plan to sample, thanks guys

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