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Author Topic: Does Sonsabai Thai Massage in Sheffield offer handjobs?  (Read 10728 times)


Any idea if Sonsabai offer handjobs? Or if there are any Thai massage places that do offer it in Sheffield? Ideally, I would like to visit a private flat as I feel entering a parlour with a big sign above it is a bit conspicuous. However, Beggars cant be choosers, especially in Sheffield!

Offline mrjal

Never visited myself but I believe it offers everything from handjobs to full service.

Interesting. Any ideas on prices?

yes they do but its a rip off £40 for just a handjob

All I'm trying to do is get a decent massage for an hour with a handjob for about £60 or less.

Does anyone have a link or website for this place please?

Offline fforte

Sonsabai offers a hand job but you wont get it cheap certainley not for £60

Offline mart802

I will say I do like the massage at sonsabai.
The rooms really are good.. The atmosphere is pleasant.
The ladies always seem great.
They really do make you feel special while your there.
The only bit that bugs me now is the lady who answers the phone.. whenever you call up they are not busy.. you get there and they have no girls free... but you can "leave a deposit" for a time she then suggests...
Strangely at that point I have always walked away..
It's only started happening recently... and it's so shame.
If your busy just tell me when I call and say I'll be ten min... not tell me it's fine to come and then let me down.

Offline nico_101

I was at sonsabai the other evening. Maybe its just in my head but I felt I was being recorded during the entire session...

Offline fforte

Sonsabai has gone down hill in my estimation. When the older lady was on reception she offered you a choice of ladies. I went recently and firstly they took my money and said come back in half an hour. I said no and took my money back. I eventually went back was shoved in the shower room when I wanted a bath and got stuck with a lady on the larger size who normally works as a chef. I know pin and dear were on and no one else was in there so poor customer service.it really has changed for the worse. Twitter is not up to date the website is not working and unfriendly reception. To top it off the shower was Luke warm so I only could shower below the waist. I used to love this place but would never go back. It's £40 for an hour and extras are £80 to £100 for that money you want a good experience I did not have one. Btw this time I just had the massage.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Went there just before Christmas. Saw an amazing lady called Coco. Fantastic massage and full service. I'll definitely be going back next time I'm in Sheffield. Only thing I didn't like is that you don't get to meet the ladies first although I've never tried to book a specific lady so they may offer this.

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