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Author Topic: Anyone seen Jess870 in Co Durham?  (Read 1682 times)

Has anyone meet this girl before https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1940544 ?

Profile seems to tick all the right boxes and she is fairly local, but I'm quite new to this and she only has 1 review on aw so I'm a but nervous.

Emailed her last week, she's in shildon. But I had a look in her private gallery and that put me right off.

What was up with her private pics? Looks hot in her profile pics

Looks pretty overweight in them and a rank looking pussy. Just my opinion like, maybe others have seen her and I'm wrong?

Pretty overweight  and a rank looking pussy.  :P  Would just need to be stoned and desperate to have all the qualities I look for in a woman !

Well the pictures made me cringe so i took it no further!

Offline Toshiba

Looks awful tbh but thats my opinion

Thanks to shyandrew for feedback on the location.  As holycrosser says everyone has their own opinion.

Would still be interested to hear if anyone has actually meet her.

I saw her last night for a 30 minute appointment but I left after 20 minutes.  Make of that what you will.

Wish I'd read this thread.  Will post a review later.

Briefly though, she doesn't kiss... at all.  And her kids are asleep upstairs so you get to screw on a rug downstairs in front of the tv (which I had to ask her to turn off).  Avoid!

Really disappointing to hear. Not too far from me and was tempted for a trip.
I wasn't too sure about the face pictures - does any genuine girl post those still? Neighbours, friends, family must now knwo the score eh?

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