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Author Topic: has anyone seen XXdirtygirlXXX - Lincoln  (Read 904 times)

Hi, does anyone have any info/feedback for XXDIRTYGIRLXXX of Lincoln?

 https://www.adultwork.com/2390504 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXDIRTYGIRLXXX

Offline Taggart

Evening all.

Not seen her but I seem to recognise some of the images.  Used the name Victoria in her ID.

The lady concerned worked in Newark for a while around 15-18 months ago, seeming to specialise in truckers, but then moved worked in and around Boston. Used to advertise the occasional duo (until a parting of the ways - see Mistysun's blog Dec 18) with the teenager from Boston whose previous handle was Princess Rose, but is now called 'Mistysun' on AW. Another one trying to re-invent herself.

Personally, I'd pass on both Dirty Girl and Mistysun.
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Cheers Taggart, I've read up on your info & think I'll definitely give Mistysun a miss, sounds like she offers BB !!! Still could be tempted by DirtyGirl (I think its the camel toe photo!!) but I'll wait for more feedback.

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