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Author Topic: New Polish Girl - Very Good Service  (Read 14679 times)

42 review(s) for horny slutty girl (40 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I had cancelled my appointment with her a couple of weeks ago due to some reasons, I decided to visit her yesterday

https://www.adultwork.com/2456812 or https://www.adultwork.com/new+polish+girl

Booked my appointment for an hour, very good communications....She is like the Polish next door girl...between size 8-10, She is pretty 8/10 and is willing to go that extra bit in her service...I got all the service I wanted..OWO, DFK, 2 Pops in an hour in various positions.

She is interesting to chat with. Will I visit her again maybe if I run out of options on my HL....

Happy Punting!

42 review(s) found for horny slutty girl linked to in above post (40 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Hot Lisits never dry up, do they?!

She has an arse that looks like it was created to entertain us punters  :P

Offline pete234

Thanks for the review - looks good.

Just wanted to know does her face look like the one in the first photo or was that photo taken a few years ago? 

Because with a body like that and if she still looks like her first photo facially then I will be seeing her for sure.  :rolleyes:

Yes she does have a cheeky ..er face too!
Been in my warmlist for a while but thanks to above review will move her up a few notches


Thanks another on the HL - she is stated as 24 on AW - however she looks a few years older on her pics ? is she about mid 20's or would you say late 20's early 30's?

She does have a nice Arse..I will put her in mid to late 20's

Wow I think I might take myself off my punting sabbatical for her absolutely gorgeous

I never go for CIM so I don't know sorry...Also the best part she asks you how to you want her to be dressed like in suspenders or stockings..I wanted her without makeup simple and a t-shirt and skirt

Offline Megazord

She looks great! Are her tits real?

Not worth £150...this is bad  :dash:

Offline mightymunce

Quote from: viktor1080 link=topic=31186.msg436764#msg4367o64 date=1401764008
Not worth £150...this is bad  :dash:
She has just been removed from h/l


Either she has been reading UKP and seen the interest about her OR she has had a mad rush of new clients over the last few days that has made her popular overnight so has increased her prices - Simple case of supply and demand  :thumbsdown:

Offline bestbefore

Now thats what I call galloping inflation!

Gosh, I was dreaming of getting my mits on that arse, but not at £150.

I think still there is a option for price bargaining just click on her booking tab-

***please let me know how long would you like to book me for and if u happy with the rate



Was her old price £120 or £100 ph?

Offline mightymunce

She would have been busy with 100.p/h
Not sure now

She would have been busy with 100.p/h
Not sure now

She'll probably attract different clients and fewer of them. But she can afford to see one third fewer punters than she has been seeing and still make the same cash. She's pretty, has a fit bod and if she can provide a good service too she'll do well.

Offline Persie

Her rates are back to £100
Do you think she is a bit kinky or just GFE?
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Her rates are back to £100

Would have thought it'd make more sense to settle at a rate somewhere between £100 and £150 imho.

Do you think she is a bit kinky or just GFE?

Not really anything there in the profile to suggest she's kinky. But who knows. Why not check her out with a 30 minute booking?  :)

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