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Author Topic: Nottingham Escort Agencies  (Read 20285 times)

Offline Stoking

Yeah I know.... most don't like using them... however saw a new one pop up and it got me wondering.... how many are legit or any good?

This is the new one I was talking about

However seems similar to VIPCALLGIRLS which makes me suspicious.

The final one I found was Feline Escorts... dunno what site it the current one (although the first now has intro vids)

Offline Jackjones

am sure there is a post on here some where about a girl from Felines

Offline Billybob

Sure you are right about Bohemia and VIP, same girls. As for feline, they have some great girls on there books right now, IMO a good agency offering good looking girls with great service, seen quite a few and can certainly recommend. Regards BB

Offline Gav Lee

Hi folks

Newbie here but I see some familiar names from PN.

I use both agencies and IMO any Notts punter willing to pay their rates should look at both these agencies.  I only have a little time so I'll just do a quick post and try to add more later

VIP is a bit bigger (17 girls currently on the website) and they charge a competitive £130 hour incall.  They normally have about 1/3rd of their girls from EE, the rest being uk and elsewhere.  Turnover is fairly high and I know of at least 3 girls who've gone indie in Notts in the last few months since being at vip.  The have a rota on their website (I wouldn't expect 100% accuracy).

I strongly recommend creating an account on their website which allows you to see the girls' private galleries which for some include face pics.  The main gallery pics are heavily photoshopped.  To register you just need to give an email address.  They send emails every month or so, sometimes with offers.

Overall VIP is hit & miss in my experience, punts ranging from top class to poor.  Currently I've seen Amber, a nice EE girl, enjoyable punt but I'd probably not return.  Any recommendations (or girls to avoid) much appreciated.  All the other girls I've seen here have moved on.

Feline is my preferred agency, a bit more expensive at £140 but IMO the average standard of the girls is higher than VIP (or it could just be that the person running it picks girls a bit more to my taste.  Catherine was my favourite there but recently quit escorting I'm afraid.  Current favourites for me are Chloe, Ruth , Carrie and Ellie.  On average tho with Feline punts range from outstanding to average with poor punts unusual from this agency.

Got to run - if anyone has questions or feedback on either I'll look again when I can

Online CoolTiger

I can vouch for Gav Lee, having exchanged emails with him for nearly 2 years. In addition, he is a regular poster on auto-censored.
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Offline Gav Lee

A couple more things....

When I said vip has a rota I mean the "available today" feature on the website which tends to be updated about 9.30-10am, very useful.  Also VIp tend to have girls on through to 4am for any insomniac punters - Feline wont IME have anyone after 10/11pm except by prior arrangement or obv for an overnight booking.

Feline tend to photoshop "a bit" but much less than VIP from my experience.  But feline don't have private galleries so rarely show face pics.

Offline vorian

I can vouch for Gav Lee, having exchanged emails with him for nearly 2 years. In addition, he is a regular poster on auto-censored.

Welcome to the dark side Gave Lee always good to have an experienced punter contributing.  :hi:
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

I can also vouch for Gav Lee, been around like me for ever !!

Bohemia just appears to be an extension of VIP as it's the same girls & pics. which doesn't surprise me. There have been a few "incidents" over the years regarding the Nottingham agencies & VIP appear to always be the ones who the finger is pointed at.

Personally I wouldn't entertain VIP, but that's my opinion you understand, I used to use Feline regularly & was rarely disappointed but not used them much over the past 18 months. I can recommend Sapphire for those who prefer a mature lady, she's excellent.

Offline Steely Dan

Holly from VIP is good fun. Chloe and Monique from Felines are both worth a visit.  Hmm maybe I'll make a call now....

A shame if the two agencies slag each other off...does not help anyone.  (/Hugs a tree....) Why can't everyone get along?

Online CoolTiger

Holly from VIP is good fun. Chloe and Monique from Felines are both worth a visit.  Hmm maybe I'll make a call now....

A shame if the two agencies slag each other off...does not help anyone.  (/Hugs a tree....) Why can't everyone get along?

That's been the problem in Nottingham!!

A turf war, where the WGs have been caught in between.

Offline Gav Lee

Thanks guys.

There used to be a real turf war between the agencies in Nottm but I haven't heard about any problems for a while now.  Let's hope they've decided it is better to get on with giving good customer service rather than knocking each other.

I had also been put off vip for a while but am now trying then again as my favourite girl has left Feline so I'll start posting reviews.  Any more recommendations gratefully received!

Offline Boston

Looking at VIP I'm interested in Annya and Paige - anyone seen either?  I may have to TOFTT

annya's most recent review is so bonkers it is probably genuine - surely no one would fake a review like that?

Offline Gav Lee

The latest email from VIP offers a £10 reduction on bookings between 10am to 4pm, I think it means the appointment actually happens then.

I'm interested in Bella and Faith from their website - anyone got any reports?

Offline Owwhatanight

Does anyone know if this WG on AW now named Luna LoveGood ever work for Nottingham Escorts between 2012-2013/4 ? I think she was called Roxanne or Roxy and had less tattoos then.

https://www.adultwork.com/2309953 or https://www.adultwork.com/Luna+lovegood

Offline billy_91

Having used both agencies in nottingham in the last 3 yrs I would advise anyone to go with the girls from feline. The service is alot better than VIP and you feel less rushed. Well I did anyway. VIP change location every few months so just as you get used to one location they change to another. The girls change frequently aswell with VIP for some reason.

I have not used feline as I had great time with VIP I have seen faith and annya also Aimee
My views faith exactly as her images no OWO but everything else can't fault her great kisser gets very dirty with sex talk big turn on which I requested fuck your little tart now and much more, this girl is gorgeous and I joined to the members section took me a few attempts I used a gmail account and logged on fine she is better in person.
Aimee not as good lucking as faith but not ugly, services OWO and cim my favourites with as requested more naughty talk. I went to 2 different apartments when seeing the girls from VIP both on the same road when I booked they asked which apartment I used before then they put me on hold to check which in-call Aimee was at? I also have seen annya she is a gentleman's dirty little secret she attracts no wrong attention. The agency won't discuss services which made me apprehensive at first but I'm glad I booked I had no problems at all.

Offline billy_91

Aimee is someone who I have looked at. So you would reccomemd her then?

Offline scbond

Avoid VIP full-stop! The guy that runs it is a fraudulent scumbag.

Girls are almost always very late to bookings, try and leave early by just whipping their phone out and calling a taxi and always have their phones out during the booking...sometimes even on a phone call!

Last booking I had she turned up over 30 mins late, couldn't work a simple intercom, offered literally nothing, said she doesn't like to go for too long and wouldn't shut up about how I was her last booking. After 30 mins (1 hour booking) she rang a taxi and left. Complained to VIP but the scumbag just makes up some blatant bullshit excuses and then blocks your number.

My advice...use Felines and avoid all others, especially VIP and East Mids. Not used Felines myself but they are always nice and helpful over the phone...just never got to see who I wanted at the time.
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Offline Boston

I thought there had been a change of management at VIP recently and the guy was no longer involved.

On balance I use Feline more now but with the odd visit to VIP.  At £120 for an incall before 4pm it's worth a look

I used to use VIP on a monthly basis. I always found the female receptionist very polite. I've never had any issues with any of the girls. All have been polite and offered a good service. I always used to book last minute so I never minded a slightly late arrival but the girl always stayed for the full time slot.

However, I've turned to using indies recently for 30 min bookings. This means I can get 3 shags a month instead of just the one. No girl recently has changed my mind. although, I've noticed vip are doing 45 min bookings again which is rather tempting. Ashley looks VERY hot in her private photo!

I also came to the conclusion that only a couple of punts with VIP have stayed in the memory, and I get more satisfaction out of 30 min suck and fuck visits. These being a young girl who went by the name of Libby (who seemed to let her guard down, maybe an age thing) and Annya who was lovely! I was also, innocentsexyemma's first ever job. I've tried to see her a couple of times since but heart breakingly, as she is unbelievably hot, my cock doesn't fit in her beautiful tight pussy!

I disagree about VIP I have rang many times over the past week to find out when Annya is back from her holiday and at all times it has been a friend female receptionist either jay, Louise or Carmen. I feel the post on her to boost feline and them only VIP have always treat me right and I have always had a great experience with there ladies. I will be trying feline again and will see if I agree with the high reviews as they seem to all be positive.

In response to a male receptionist I don't believe one word of the review there is definitely female receptionists Carmen who is absolutely lovely and jay and Louise. I don't actually believe the post this should be genuine punters points of views anyway can someone also recommend sapphire at feline I noticed she is mature ?

Offline Gav Lee

I wonder if the new girl Ashley at VIP was previously Chloe Fendi who's profile has recently gone from AW (CF's original name was Ashlie atABC).  I may just ask the agency if I have time to see her next week.  The face pic on the private gallery could be her with a bit of Photoshop.

.  In the meantime if anyone sees her I'd be interested to hear how it goes.

Offline Owwhatanight

I had a pm yesterday from a Guy to say he visited an agency and chuffed because it was Chloe Fendi

Offline billy_91

I can confitm that she os chloe fendi. And if anyones wonderimg shes absolutly stunning!

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