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Author Topic: Pussy Willow  (Read 1100 times)


Has anyone seen this young lady?

I'm hoping to visit her in the not too distant future and would welcome any comments.

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Offline bazza

i sent her an email and from what i remember i didnt get a reply.

Offline Iblisuk

Had a meet arranged today. :scare: Like Mary off Coronation St , just not as sexy. To quote the now defunct News of the World , I made my excuses and left.
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Offline wristjob

Wondering how come she's never come up on my search before. i tend to run it every 1-2 weeks and should have seen her - unless location was different or I do block BB.

She looks nice bodywise, little tum but makes up for it. Is she really hideous Iblisuk?

Offline Iblisuk

First time my head has managed to over rule my cock WJ. She's easily a 14/16 not the 12 as advertised.
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