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Author Topic: x Sweet Leah x - Warwick but tours  (Read 910 times)

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Offline saf1976


I am regularly in the Warwick area and sometimes you will find some touring girls. After work I did a quick search on my phone and this girl catches my eye. She has pro pics but has 1 feedback which was enough to give me the confidence to try her out.

The hotel was a Holiday Inn on an industrial estate that is closer to Leamington centre than Warwick in my head.

I make the call, head on up, knock the door, peer round to see ... not the girl in the pictures but a good looking girl all the same. I start to talk and she tells me to 'ssshhh'. I am loud at the best of times and apolgise. It then dawns on me that the last time someone did that to me was in the last year, in a hotel at the opposite end of Warwick, and it was the same girl. I remember her being a good punt but didn't blow me away.

Now this is the 2nd time I have been bait and switched in a week. This hasn't happened to me in a long time and then 2 in a week. The other one was in Leicester and I will add a link to that review, but I decided to stay. The Leicester girl shown me that sometimes you can be surprised by a switch and I've had a bad day and can't be bothered to make alternative arrangements.

I go into the shower, partly miffed that it wasn't the girl i'd wanted and that this wasn't another number to add to my list. I'm shallow like that.

I enter the room ready to get on to the bed and wait for her to undress and start. She is sat on bed, sending a text, looks up, smiles, gets up, walks over and starts kissing me. My mood changes. OK she isn't the beauty in the pics, but she is a fine classical beauty. I vaguely remember that I described her on the first punt as not needing to offer a bait and switch as she could hold a lot of interest in her own right. If this girl had her a proper profile with blurred pics, I would book her and enjoy what I found on her opening the door.

The kissing is deep and meaningful, she is kissing in a style that responds to how I am kissing her, and in return I kiss her responding to what she does, and so on and so on. This is real kissing. I do enjoy kissing, but bad kissing could ruin a punt for me, so i'm more than happy to not bother if a girl is not into it.

The body in the dress feels amazing. She has curves but they are firm. Touching her body makes me enjoy the kissing more and it feels like she is enjoying it from her kissing responses. It all intensifies with every kiss and touch.

Off come her clothes and her bra. A fake pair but they are decent. She has a pair of hips on her and I can't wait to be between them. She kisses my body and then heads down to my balls and the area between them and my bum. Her licks are on par with her kisses and part of me is wanting her to rim me and the other to suck my cock.

However, on comes the condom and it is on to oral which she performs excellently. She uses her hands, then her tits and back to her mouth. I'm now looking forward to her getting on top and enjoying those tits. She lubes herself and then goes into reverse cowgirl, not my favorite position as I like to enjoy a lady's face and breasts, but i'm going to let her off as those curves are incredible. In this position her arse widens in a firm way, the hips are open and her legs look incredible. Obviously i'm focused on the site of entering her in this position and that blows my mind.

She gets off to have a breather and to carry on sucking and wanking with a tit rub. I'd have loved to have got her in another position but it's too much for me to take and I willingly empty my load into the condom.

I will keep an eye out for her again but it appears she changes to a different b&s profile every so often. She could hold her own with real photos, maybe even better for her existing business as she is a real looker, although I can't think of someone she reminds me of. The guy who left the feedback on her AW profile should have said she isn't the girl in the pics, but I think his general sentiments are good as she was a very decent punt indeed. One for the kissing fans as well. 

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Offline dilettante

Great review and a great read too - do you have a link to what she does look like, don't fancy the one in the pic at all, she looks like Daughter of Spock!

Offline saf1976

Beam me up Scotty!! I thought she looked like Carla Connor off Corrie from her pics. Eye of the beholder and all that  :D

I'm afraid there's no pics of the real girl.  I suspect she is Czech from her accent. She had very nice eyes and smile though. A similar type to Lovely Katty if you are familiar with her?

Despite offering a decent service I suspect she is kind of nervous doing this line of work in case anyone finds out. She said she never goes back to the same hotel in a year as she is worried that the staff will pick up on it. As we all know most staff don't give a monkies unless there is any real trouble.

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