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Author Topic: Teenager_Claudia Glasgow  (Read 3524 times)

6 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2434425) (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Well after reading a negative review on here I wasn't sure about Claudia but reading between the lines on the negative punt I could see it was more on her services offered against services provided, even though I could see from the review that she just didn't seem that interested.

However after various comms with Claudia she sounded great and I put the bad review (which I'm sure was totally valid) down to a one off, and also I'm a sucker for big natural boobs and in the department Claudia was a 10/10.

Looks - 8/10
Facially - 9/10 def a lot cuter and sexier looking than her pics on AW
Body - 9/10  .....only downside for me as a foot lover was that she has tickly feet, but boy her feet are a foot lovers dream......with a sexy tattoo on one foot
Personality - 7/10 ....reason for this is mostly down to her being  Inexperienced  :angelgirl: , she is only doing this for 2/3weeks to make ends meet, she works a normal 9-5 job back in her town where she stays in the uk.
Flat - 9/10.....buzzer not working and a top floor flat not ideal.

Great communication and met earlier today at her rented flat just off Byres Rd, plenty of free parking available and a really great safe punting area. Only downside is the buzzer is broken and its a top floor flat.....on the plus side she came down to open the door and its a great chance to check her out and walk if she isn't youre type......she came down wearing sexy tight jeans and a blouse.....it was sexy but didnt shout working girl.....what you would expect a fit sexy 20yr old to wear.

Flat was immaculate it looked newly and really modern decorated with a massive walk in shower in the bathroom. Bed was also great really comfy and not the usual slated beds but a proper big bed.....had to me mention this as some flats have shit beds.

I jumped in for a quick shower and when I returned Claudia was in sexy and I mean really sexy red underwear and red sheer see through stocking and great high heels...... I was standing naked and was hard just looking at her....we started with some light kissing.....did some light tongue work but not sure if DFK was on offer ...but I really enjoyed the light GFE type kissing.

Moved onto the bed and she removed her bra and panties leaving on her sexy tights and high heels....wow this girl has a body made for sin.....I honestly don't think she knows how sexy she actually is...... :yahoo:.

We lay together kissing and I paid a lot of attention to her boobs...they are great and for me worth the money alone on these....lots of kissing and rubbing my cock on her boobs, she also wanked me off whilst we were kissing...she is good at this....and I kissed all over her body.....like I said she had perfect feet but she was too tickly ...however she did use her feet on my cock ...the feeling of her tights and toes on my cock was enough to make me nearly cum....I really had to hold back.....I did gently use my fingers on her clit and pussy and she was really wet ....her pussy is perfect but again I was in for 30mins so not sure if RO was on the cards.....

I see that OWO was on the cards but as I was so turned on already I decided to move straight to sex.....on with the jacket as she put a small amount of lube on her pussy as I swung her legs over my shoulder and slid myself into her wet wet pussy.....some hard fucking and balls slapping on her wet pussy and I was nearly there......with her lying on her back I whipped off the condom and pushed my balls up against her wet pussy and wanked my self off on her stomach and boobs,....all the time with one of her feet that I forced onto my face.....WOW....I must have cum a bucket load her stomach and boobs were covered lol.....

Claudia then nicely and gently cleaned up my cock and we had a nice kiss and cuddle....what a perfect start to my afternoon today........after I finished and I was dressed I told her I had read some negative feedback she really did look surpirsed.....but I told her my experience had been really really positive.

To conclude this is a Hot teenage polish girl with a killer body that i dream off who is not one who works this scene, in this aspect I would say she is inexperienced......but you know what I loved that about this punt...it didn't follow the usual formula....actually felt like a first date with a hot hot hot girl.

Overall a 8/10 but def a positive punt, I love Polish girls and its been a while since I slept with one but now I remember why I love them so much......she leaves next week on Thu and I'm def planning another visit with her before then...and at £60 for 30mins she offers great value for money.....so don't miss the chance to see her.

6 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Tjkooker

Your such a nice guy taz. You always see the good side of folk. Sounds run of the mill to my taste but if your happy bang on.

If she took it up the arse I would.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

TJ you know what I think she is def you're type.... That gorgeous girl next door type with a killer body...... She is not robotic in her performance at all and that's def a positive.....go on give her a go.

Offline Marmalade

I'm pleased Taz enjoyed himself. I'd agree that comms was good and the bathroom was nice. I certainly couldn't agree she has a killer body or face - they are ok (and once you get past the big tits, which is a mater of preference).

But in all fairness, a lot of Taz's review is about how wonderful he was. The crucial point about the girl's attitude, which was not very good even in Taz's estimation, is that her attitude was not very good, and he excuses this by saying she is inexperienced. Kinder than I was, but I would have two small comments if I may. 1. When I pressed her she said she had actually done it before about a year ago, so wasn't that brand new or completely inexperienced. 2. The main thing is, you don't pay for a crap personality whether there is an excuse or not. Like say if the pizza guy makes a pizza and the dough is still wet in the middle, and then he hurries up: it makes no difference to the buyer that there was excuse, that the guy was new and didn't know how to cook, or even that he was in a hurry to get away to his paper-round or whatever.

Thing is Taz knew the downsides before he went and the big tits were a huge (hehe) factor for him if I understand correctly. He had a good time. So I feel that if a review has given enough info for someone to make balanced decision like that based on what they want or need it's worked. (Also good to get two very different reviews on one prossie, even if we agree on a lot of points.) Cheers.

Offline Marmalade

Your such a nice guy taz. You always see the good side of folk. Sounds run of the mill to my taste but if your happy bang on.
If she took it up the arse I would.
It is quite a large arse, but it would save you looking at her miserable expression.  :drinks:

Looks - 8/10
Facially - 9/10 def a lot cuter and sexier looking than her pics on AW
Body - 9/10  .....

A trivial point but i would have thought body-9, face-9 would give her overall looks of 9

Offline Tjkooker

Your right there marmalade.
I've just got a thing for busty young Polish girls though. Especially if they take it up the wrong un. They usually like it rough and the attitude changes pretty quick. There was a polish lass who had terrible reviews. Roxy I think. I had her for two hours. At the start "no fingers" "no tongue" "no pull hair" by the end I was four fingers deep in her pussy while fucking her arse. Hair wrapped around my hand face buried in the pillow. Which was nice  :D
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Marmalade you're right I was prepared for the punt....... So it went greater than it may have been had that not been the case....saying that I still think my punt have been good without the heads up.

In refs to her body....i have to disagree about you disagreeing  :wacko:...... She doesn't have a model thin or porn star body which I can find boring......but she has that hot girl you would possibly meet on a night out, or maybe you're neighbours sexy daughter that you would love to fuck to hell and back type body....... Nice tight arse, a very very cute wee belly (it's tiny) ......and those tits....WOW...and all natural ....... I'm actually getting aroused sitting here just thinking of her cute wee hot body.

TJ you could ask if she takes it up the arse but like I said she has a tight wee arse and pussy so I think you're onto a loser.....

Offline Marmalade

I didn't find her pussy tight.  But maybe cos it was late at night and she also (aplogetically) slapped lube on it. You maybe got her fresh rather than shagged out (not her fault). I accept we may have slight differences on size preference: but SIZE 12 is not "tiny." It's not fat, but when you consider 6,8, and 10 are not uncommon, and that 14 is getting close to being on the large size, I don't think a 12 is "tiny" in anything but a rosily subjective sense.

"Girl Next Door" is I guess a nice way of saying "doesn't exactly bother her arse that much to scrub up" or make that much effort with putting on a dynamic attitude for hitting the town. A bit wallflowery. Very suburbia. Yeah ok.

Offline Marmalade

Have you tried Lizzie X? Now she has big boobies but they are silky soft as well as firm and tender. Besutiful not just humungous. Unfortunately her prices now have an emphasis on humungous though ...

Some bad news ....... Looks like due to a issue with the property rented in Glasgow Claudia has had to go back to Edinburgh  :( .......

1 review(s) found for Lizzie x linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline JB1969

Fucking hell! £170 an hour is she worth the £170 an hour Marmalade is her pussy lined with gold?
Banning reason: Accused and highly suspected of being "DeliciousMsDee" prossie posing as punter

Offline Marmalade

Fucking hell! £170 an hour is she worth the £170 an hour Marmalade is her pussy lined with gold?
My apologies, that's not the link to my original review. (I paid £80 for a half hour)
This one's correct I think https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=14091.msg216660#msg216660

On principle I don't believe in paying more than a certain figure for any woman to have sex with. I think the price you pay should reflect the fact that it is a hobby, not an obsession. Like having a tenner on a horse or spending twenty quid in a casino for an evening's entertainment. People who start paying money that leaves a big hole in their pocket on such pleasures need their head examined in my opinion.

So rather han saying is so-and-so worth such-and-such, I say is it worth paying such-and-such for sex. Arrive at that figure and only then look at the market and choose what seems to be value for money based on your assessment of the available prossies, but don't go outside your range.

Well a first for me....booked a wee half day off work to travel to Edinburgh to see the gorgeous Claudia again...... I think this is the second ever punt I have had in Edinburgh......and I looking forward to it.

If I have enough energy I might even go for a second.....any recommendations.....criteria.......big tits, tight body, OWO, dfk, GFE and cute toes I can suck on......thanks

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