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Author Topic: Jo - Nottingham Thai Masseuse  (Read 1078 times)

I have seen Jo 3 times but no more. The last session was 2hrs long with her nude throughout for £80. She allowed fondling of boobs and sucking of nipples but would allow nothing to go on "below". She appeared to be bored and lifeless, just going through the motions. HR and I had two of these, was done with little skill and feeling.

She said no sex ever, no touching below the belt - ever - and no oral on me. Very unappetising menu really. Lots of stretch marks on stomach and boobs.

Posters on another site have mirrored my impressions of her being totally bored and a lack-lustre performance. She appears to do what she fancies doing at the time eg hr or no hr, topless or not, nude or not. You can never tell what she will do evidently. One punter at least has said he has shagged her, but I`ll take that with a pinch of salt.

She used to be in Trowell in a bungalow but is now often at a shop place on Wollatan Road.
Anddon`t expect a spring chicken - she is around 46, as she told me and a grand-mum 3 times!

Far better out there for the money.

Offline Boston

Thanks nullenvoyd, nothing more to say really!

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