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Author Topic: cute melinda (ariana)  (Read 1451 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2490373 or https://www.adultwork.com/cute+melinda

I met Melinda the other day, her house mate and best friend is ariana who is hot, (https://www.adultwork.com/ariana4you). I texted them both the night before as my plan A and B and they both said they live in the same postcode, massive coincidence! I asked if i can picture/film some of it for personal use (i need something to remember the occasion by) she said £50 with face. So i thought i would choose Melinda because she is blonde(ish...her profile says brunette) and that is my type.  The flat is in a nice quiet area and a very discreet apartment block (I’m not sure about parking) they have an intercom and i think a camera built in so they can see your face. 

I took the lift up to her flat and she opened the doors wearing see through yellow lingerie with black underwear. She led me up to the bedroom. The apartment was nice and clean how they can afford places like this I do not understand, they must be getting lots of tips (pun intended) on their rates they charge. On that topic being an accountant for hookers would be a dream job!

I decided for 30 minutes at £70 and i said i will see how i feel after and maybe go for another half hour. She said sorry 30 or 60. She didn’t understand what i meant, (from then, i knew the conversation/banter wasn’t going to be great). I gave her chocolates which she was happy to receive. She went downstairs with the money (which i find so frustrating) after she came back we took some clothes off and we started hugging and grinding on each other standing up and light kissing on her neck. i said i wanted to take pictures she said £50 she went again with money downstairs (which was even more frustrating than the time before because i was hard as a rock).

She came back and said no face and sex (as i mentioned her English isn’t great she can speak but anything intermediate level or above gets her a bit confuzzled)  she went and got a zorro like mask from downstairs and she said says no record during sex! (What was the bloody point getting the mask) so £50 to take photos and videos and I couldn't even record during so just pictures of her body and none of my mushroom tip being stroked!
I said “come on man i paid you £50, fine I want my money back for the filming” £50 for foreplay pics is such a bump, then she got slightly angry and told me to leave, since I had a full erection at that time (my erect penis was literally 10 cm away from her strange...i couldn’t tease my him like that lol) so I said never mind let's continue. Now let us put the filming thing into perspective Tina (from Northolt/Greenford) let me film her sucking my cock and shagging her for £30 and £30 extra to jizz all over her face so roughly the same price just for foreplay.

I was sitting on the bed while she stood up and i was fondling her body. She turned around and i got some rimming done. She is clean! I spread her cheeks licked her ass good! I've been wanting to do that since I saw jessie rogers and james deen video (seriously google that shit!).

I laid on the bed and she started blowing me with a condom, i said do you do oral without and she looked confused, i said blow job without condom and she said yes with protection. (btw i am clean i showered and trimmed) she clearly didn’t understand me but it was still good it is hard to judge how good the bj is unless its without the condom.

She got on her back and fucked her missionary for a bit but i think she angled it in a way to stop me going balls deep (with my nuts hanging out) and i only could go in about 80% but that could be down to my size still it was nice she pecked me on my lips a couple of times throughout the whole session but mostly turned and avoided kissing (btw i brushed my teeth twice, didn’t eat anything gross, flossed, mouth washed and brushed my tongue in preparation) so it was mostly neck kissing. At this stage i could see her getting a bit flush and i think (i repeat i think) she orgasmed because she gave off a smell, it could just be the sex smell or women give off a smell when they orgasmed i have only had sex like 22 times so im fairly inexperienced so i am not sure (or maybe she just queefed and farted...it wasn’t that a smell by the way). 

I turned her around and bent her over for some doggy for a few minutes then she rode me, but she was didn’t go right down to the base and she was breathing quite heavily...and lets just say her breath smelled slightly lol even though i would have still French kissed her, It wasn’t disgustingly bad but noticeable, the riding was great i grabbed her by the face and we were making eye contact, and we I was about to ejaculate and i said can i cum on your face she said okay and got off me and just starting jerking me off hard and i came inside the condom! Clearly something got lost in translation.  She put on her underwear and i said lie down so i started to massage her body, her body is just so soft and perfect.

A couple of minutes later i hear a knock on the door and hear times up! I think its her pimp (or madam) could even be the other escort that lives in the place.  I said can i have a shower she said no sorry we are busy and time is up. As i was getting dressed she opened up the chocolates i gave her, i have given escorts chocolates several times (chocolates a poor mans diamonds) normally girls wait till i leave to start eating them. She started to devour them which made me laugh about later and she offered me one and i said no thank you because clearly she wanted it more than me!
Good screw
Nice apartment
Amazing body and skin
She is so sexy
Sugar walls were nice and warm
Offered me chocolates (although I did buy them for her)
Ass (great size firm and nice to play with)
She is clean! I licked her ass good!
Boobs (felt enhanced due to the rounded shape, nice size) although enhanced to a B is odd (not big enough to tit wank)
nice nipples

her face doesn’t look as clean as in her profile she is a little bit spotty
her profile states no extra charge for my services...lie!
she charged me £50 to take pictures and film some of it.
And that she is 19 which i find very hard to believe she looks 26-32
Her English is terrible (she couldn't understand oral without condom)
She went and got a mask to put on but still didn't allow me recording bj like the zorro
No owo (and I'm clean btw)
No shower offered because she is busy
Even though I massaged her back for the last 5 mins
Her breath kind of smelled

She was a good fuck she was pretty but the filming thing ruined it for me (i even showed her the text from the night before where she said i could) she looked confused so i think her pimp/madam i was texting(sexting lol). her English isn’t great and im pretty sure she said a few things in her language during.  I recommend her if you are in the area and what a normal fuck but nothing kinky or remotely different. I would give her friend ariana a try if i am in the area and in the mood but i wouldn’t go to melinda again because she is a little cold and i like some DFK and banter.
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Offline yorkshire123

Great review mate, really enjoyed reading it  :hi:
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

I enjoyed reading that too.

I don't see how this could be a neutral though. It sounds like a pretty terrible punt to me. How could it get possibly any worse? If she was fat n ugly?

argh man i just read through it today and noticed several spelling mistakes and typos...glad you guys enjoyed it.
i really believe ukpunting has a great impact if they are receiving  bad reviews on here their profiles on AW disappear soon after.

kolpaci = if she didnt have a great body, wasnt hot, it wouldnt have got that far...but it was still good sex she made me cum. lets face it most of us guys wouldn't get girls like that and if we did the personality would put us off. 
tomato sauce and waffles - could you elaborate more on ariana because i find her really cute from her pictures and i was planning on seeing her in the next few weeks.

sounds fucking awful. one of the positives is that after she conned you, she offered you one of the chocolates you gave her?

fucking awful. she sounds like if Nick Clegg were a WG. exact opposite of if heineken did prostitution.

tomato sauce and waffles - could you elaborate more on ariana because i find her really cute from her pictures and i was planning on seeing her in the next few weeks.

Hi jimmycallum,

I didn't have time to post a review at the time of your reply. I was able to today, but ariana4you's profile is now inactive.

There's actually a review of her in the Scotland board: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=31879.0

If her profile appears again, I'll post my review.

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