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Author Topic: Prostitution worth £5.4bn to the UK  (Read 630 times)

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I feel much better (especialy after reading the good punter BS article) knowing that my hobby is a power house driving the economy forward. 

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Well,sometimes it feels like I spent £5.39 billion last year - come on, the rest of you!!!
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In today's Torygraph, Brooke Magnanti questions the figures, suggesting they are based on previously proven flawed research, it fails to include male prostitutes, and they rely on research from Holland where prostitution is legal and regulated, so hardly a fair compariosn? And some of the reseach is based on pro$$ienet, which is hardly the most reliable of sources.

So, it's an unlevel playing field again, with the large figure getting headlines that are not really deserved. Rubbish reporting like this only galvanises the do-gooders to get on their soap boxes.

Certaunly worth a read:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/sex/10864898/Prostitution-adds-5bn-a-year-to-UK-economy.-Are-you-having-a-laugh.html

Offline dilettante

Yes, the financial crash of 2008 absolutely relied on cash from drugs to lubricate the economy, that was in the news.  Why do you think we invaded Afghanistan? - one thing the Taliban did achieve was to temporarily forestall opium production / exports.

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