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Author Topic: Working out how much a civvie could charge if she were on AdultWork  (Read 2574 times)

I do this all the time, in my head. Gets worse in the Summer,  best time is pre-punt coffee sitting in the Sun watching the talent walk by, in the knowledge that within a few minutes I will be getting my cock sucked by a stunner.

It's not just me that does that then? :) :)

Offline webpunter

On SirF's blinding thread there was a post regarding the BA programme last night
This got me thinking
Stuck on a boring flight - the opportunities are fantastic to compile a mental list.  Normally a few milfs + some younger hotties.  Typically nicely presented with loads of make-up.  I sometimes wonder what they will look like in the morning.  With that just shagged look.  And how much make-up is left on the pillow

Offline CoolTiger

I don't want to go off on a tangent on a thread that i started.  But this reminds me - there was a woman advertising on the south coast.  Topless haircuts & massage with extras.  Called Charlie - a fit 40 something milfy type with enhanced boobs.  I quite liked the idea - as a one off.  Quick trim - not so much that the OH would notice.  Nice tit rub over the back of my head.  Then round the front & see what happens.  Sadly the Friday-Ad has disapeared...

There were 2 in the East Mids Sections, based in Kettering. Will try n dig out their profiles.

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