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Author Topic: Elina Barberg  (Read 2799 times)

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Offline Conwy

Hi, all.

For what was always going to be a last punt before a future review of my punting life I decided to take a trip down memory lane and re-visit a lady who was one of the first I ever booked in the UK.

https://www.adultwork.com/2403549 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elina+Barberg

Now, for many of you folks out there who look for the hottest, filthiest girls in town; this one is NOT for you - OK?

When I recognised Elina as a new arrival on AW I discussed with Misty McCaine my thoughts of a "closing the circle" punt; Misty thought that it was a good idea and we were both right, on several levels.

To recap: my first meetings with Elina were in the Autumn of 2011, just before I met Julia of Maxes, followed later by Megan and before I ever met Bombshell and Valery. She was my experience of receiving a tie and tease.

I had already made one complete lap of honour with Bombshell, Valery, Sadie and Misty before my recent tryst with GGGSandra and could have returned to Julia, Amica Bentley or Samantha of Maxes, or any one of a great bunch of AW girls, such as Rebecca More, Angie George, Nathalie-Love, Roxxy, Allanah Li, Platinum Cindy, or Dee.
So, going back to Elina was not an obvious choice based upon typical punting parameters, (at £150 per hour for 2 hours).

I walked from Pimlico Station and reached her flat in under 10 minutes. It was a really manky day yesterday. She opened her door looking just as I remembered her, plus about 3 kilos of extra poundage. She is probably a dress size 14 but no more and I reckon 45 years of age as a minimum. She seemed genuinely pleased to see me. I opened the wine I had taken and we started to chat.

Bless her, she remembered almost everything we had said or done in our 4 meetings over 2.5 years ago. "You still have those muscles and you probably still don't go to the gym" was one comment. We were able to catch up on her movements since she moved out of the £2 million flat she used when I saw her previously and some gossip about our common circle of escort friends between kisses and cuddles. One had married recently. She told me why she had ignored my advice to put her rates on her AW site. (She had a good justification)

Before I was packed off to her bathroom for a shower she showed me the view from her windows. Even on a murky, misty, day like yesterday it was spectacular and she has, by some margin, the largest, best, incall flat I have seen: ahead of Valery's first one in Belgravia, hers, Tania's and Nathalie-Love's in Knightsbridge and the various others.

So, I emerged from a perfect shower wrapped in a towel. The towel didn't survive for very long as she said that she wanted to say a "special hello to my friend."
Elina is right up there with the other experts I have met and soon had me up and ready but kept me there by saying that she wanted to volunteer for my prime number test. This involves reciting the prime numbers in order from 1 - 100 while being kissed, with one hand playing with her nipples and the other alternating between stroking her pussy and spanking her bum, depending upon the accuracy of the response. Elina got spanked quite a lot, right up until the 80's and 90's, when she was spot on. The minx had been making deliberate mistakes, I think, since I knew that she had once been a teacher, including maths.

Then we switched to a 69 position and I set out for us to cum simultaneously; with success,
"Stay right there" said she, before returning with a hot, wet towel, which she draped over my nether regions for a couple of minutes prior to gently mopping me up.

"Now, let's talk about you", she said. She noted my increased confidence in her presence, which was not too hard to spot, I am sure. Then she said "You have also had a great weight lifted off your shoulders." It was only when she said the words that it dawned upon me how right she was. A family burden had recently evaporated and she was sufficiently in tune with me to be able to spot it.

Elina offered me a massage. Usually I decline but yesterday it somehow seemed right to accept. She remembered how shot my knees are and started there before turning me over. This turned out not to be a "sex massage" but a proper, vigorous, therapeutic one. Apparently, she has another Celtic client as a regular who is a top masseur and learned her technique from him. While she was really getting into my back muscles we discussed my prospects for future punting. "Are you saying that a strong chess-player like you cannot arrive at a good plan? You need to carry on with this hobby!"

Then we were back to kissing and cuddling and were clearly running into overtime. I pointed this out and got the reply "What's the rush?" Well, I had one, dammit, so had to gradually extricate myself from her attentions. Somewhere during our time together I had learned that she occasionally hosts younger girls from the Baltic States who come over for a week or three of escorting before returning to their private lives back home. I also noticed that, despite having her lipstick completely kissed off her face now had a radiance which had developed during the booking.

So, who should follow my path to Elina's door? Guys who would like to meet with a mature lady with a good range of services in a perfect environment, possessing great conversational skills and who is the most empathetic lady you could ever wish to meet. Perhaps a first-time mature punter?

The rain thankfully held off for my return walk.

I am signing off from writing reviews until further notice, although not from reading all of yours, guys.


4 review(s) found for Elina Barberg linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline hendrix

Fantastic review Conwy, I will miss reading about your unique style.. Prime numbers and all the tie and tease games.. Superb imagination :hi:

Offline shagbambi

Great review.  Prime numbers, love it!  Now on my HL.

Offline herbie007

Fantastic review Conwy, I will miss reading about your unique style.. Prime numbers and all the tie and tease games.. Superb imagination :hi:

As always a top review Conwy and I will miss them if you pack it in.

But I hope you will have a change of mind and keep up the reviews  :drinks:

Offline fitalic

Russian mm, no rates and contact number she must be gone after your review  :D

Offline Conwy

Russian mm, no rates and contact number she must be gone after your review  :D

I put her AW rates in my review: £150 per hour.

She's sticking around, she says. Her e-mail comms were top notch and she gave me her new number in reply to my first message.


yeah, she had a different profile recently that was taken down. I dont understand the not showing rates thing. Thanks for the review by the way. Also, do you have links to any of her baltic friends?

Offline Conwy

No links to Baltic friends. Very clandestine, apparently.

The rates issue was not to highlight to overseas clients that her AW rates are lower than what they currently pay.


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