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Author Topic: Darcy Rose- Glasgow  (Read 2178 times)

5 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2371795) (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Had planned to see this girl for some time and saw her recently in one of the new "usual suspect" flats near the Royal Infirmary.

Good communications pre-punt and the flat was clean and safe feeling.

Early 30s, short dark hair, Scottish. She's not the prettiest girl in the world (though by no means ugly) but what a body! Tight, athletic and looked fantastic in tight short dress and heels. Only complaint may be that the fake boobs (which I don't mind usually) were maybe just a little too big to be in proportion with the rest of her.

A little quiet but eager to please and to get repeat custom. After a wee chat and a glass of water, straight into DFK standing at the mirror.Good oral without, 69,doggy and finishing (a bit more noisily than usual!) in missionary.

Relaxed after the event and she was pleasant and intelligent. She's relatively new and says she made the deliberate decision to leave a reasonably well paid, secure job to earn more money to fund her life plan.

One slight downside-as I arrived on the very quiet road alongside the block of flats that I'd been directed to park on, I saw another guy come up from the flats to his parked car. He clocked me too. Just then the text with the address came through to me. Then, when I was going to my car post-punt, there was another guy waiting in his car and when he got a text/call he headed down to the flats. We clocked each other too.

There was no threat, obviously, and we weren't meeting on the stairs but it's a bit too obvious.

Another potential issue is hygiene. I found her spotlessly clean- I'm fairly particular about that and was very close and personal. It wouldn't have been an issue in my mind had I not connected my predecessor and successor. It struck me as a little strange at the time that she had put the thong, dress and heels straight back on before I left but I was too busy getting horny all over again as I went out the door to think about it. She could only have had a maximum of 6-7 minutes between me walking out the door and the next guy walking in. Now, that is enough time for a decent wash between the legs etc. but not a proper shower......

So, as far as the punt was concerned, a rare Glasgow AW success for me and I'll probably be back. But if it's as conveyor belt as that the next time, either side of my punt, I'm afraid it'll be my last

Offline solway

Agree 100% with everything you say.


Offline BigSur

if your worried about 7 minutes beyween her shags then don't ever think of magalie. she has 7 seconds between fucks with the next customer waiting in the kitchen or bathroom. ug!
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Offline MGDC

Accurate review by Hooples cat.  Darcy has a smoking body but did seem a bit timid and shy tho bedroom skills was excellent.

Offline Taggart

Good FR, but could you be jumping to conclusions by thinking she is the only WG in the block?
I'm not keen on prooduction lines either.

Yes, I know what you mean.

That's the third time I've punted in that development but they've not all been in the same block.

Without giving away too much, you're told to park in a certain place and from there there's only one route to the flat. All three of us (lone males) parked in the same place, on the hour, and came (!) and went in the same direction, on the hour.

However, I know I might be wrong which is why I'm willing to give it another chance.

Big Sur-don't speak to me about Magalie!

Been there, done it and started one of the original negative threads.

You've set my PTSD off again.

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