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Author Topic: Dalia19  (Read 7864 times)

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I am very, very attracted to women with beautiful hair but her hair looks dyed. You can especially see it in her verification photo where its much darker in the centre. I'm out of here.

Sorry to burst any bubbles but not all blondes out there are legally bona fide blonde.

Whats wrong with it?  Seen much worse.  She has a rather striking face but I'm not sure that I'd pay 150 for the limited services that she offers.

Nothing wrong. She looks amazing.  Usually veri pics are much worse than the ones in the gallery. But she looks even more beautiful there.

Yea,I wouldn't pay that either. I know I'd pay 150 and she would just lie there, no kissing, dont touch this, dont finger that. I can get pretty girls to ignore me for free. No need to be £150 lighter.

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