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Author Topic: Another bullshit FR on AdultWork  (Read 855 times)

Offline Taggart

Is someone, mrstud100, playing silly sods or wannabe pimp or what?

Posts an FR praising candy_babe69 for a meeting on dated May 26 (today) in Glasgow, yet in the same batch of FRs on the filed same day is another report from our "super stud" (maybe 100 is his age?) for a meeting dated May 25, in which he and 7 mates (Dwarfs????) saw the same giril, and he described her as an "Utter disappointment, waste of money & time". Also says the 7 mates put her in the shower...

Either his totally pissed and got his dates wrong and this is something concocted after a line or two. There's another FR on the same girl that also has a degree of fantasy in it.

Whatever it it, I nominate him for Wanker of the Week.

Offline Tjkooker

Look a bit deeper into it. Fake profile with even faker reviewers. I believe this is part of magalie's feedback posse. 90% of the feedback has similar silly names. Skooliebasher, teendegrader, teensmasher etc..
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Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline Taggart

Good spot.
Whatever their ploy is, one to steer clear of.
And what original names too

Offline dilettante

A lot of FRs are clearly written by the pimps, you can tell because they use the right sort of jargon in completely the wrong way (whoops, the scheming cunts will read this now and know they have to try a different tack next time)

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